Saturday October 25, 2008

NIN Remix of The Day - Starting 10/27/08

After bouncing around some ideas late last night, one emerged that will take flight this Monday: I'll start posting links to NIN remixes from both and on our Twitter page. There won't be a set pattern for posting remixes, even though it's called "NIN Remix of The Day," so expect around 2-4 links a week. Also, there are some Saul Williams remixes out there as well, so those are also fair game.

If you're not following us on Twitter, make sure to add us so you can see what I post as soon as I post it! If you're not a registered member on Twitter, what are you waiting for?

Quick note: Please do not send me emails asking me to post your remix on our page. I peruse both sites and am subscribed to the "Highest Rated Today" podcast from on iTunes, so, if you made a really good remix, chances are I've already heard it and will be posting it on the page. Thanks!

*Midnight Edit* Got impatient so the first mix is up. Quick note - to download a remix from, you MUST have a screen name. You don't have to have a SN to listen to it, though. The song should start playing after clicking the link. For, click the play button in the upper-left corner and click the disk to download the song. Enjoy! I may post another mix later today.