Sunday October 5, 2008

Tour Journal?

Thursday night was very interesting with both the VP debate and the live feed from the NIN show in Buenos Aires taking place at the same time. Watching Joe Biden & Sarah Palin discuss important issues with Piggy playing in the background was... unique. Of course, the video dropped out at several points throughout the show and some of the views were a bit obstructed but I was able to see some of the new surprises that Trent promised last month about the second leg of the Lights in The Sky 2008 tour. So, I decided later that I'd check ETS' tour journal to see more pics of what the cameras from the feed might've missed, but alas, it was quite empty afterwards and has only had a handful of posts since the concert!

So, as a friendly reminder, please, check out and post in the ETS Tour Journal if you attended either show in Buenos Aires & Santiago! Post your reviews, setlists and stories en espanol or english and make sure to include some pics! We really want to know how your experience was!