Friday, 10/27/06

TR posts additional tour info on the Spiral

Trent Reznor has confirmed the European 2007 tour on the Spiral, adding that the tour will continue after the dates that have been announced so far, that all of the band members from the most recent lineup will be returning (but no word on whether the beard will stay or go), and that the new record should be released in April '07. Wawaweewa!! Thanks to the many of you who wrote in.
Thursday, 10/26/06

2007 European Tour Dates has updated with European tour dates for 2007. The tour starts in Lisbon, Portugal on the 10th of February. All sale dates and supporting acts are currently TBA. Thank you to Ben for the email.
Tuesday, 10/24/06

Completely off topic: Firefox 2 released.

41% of our viewers are using the Firefox web browser. It's what I personally use (along with the following rad extensions: NoScript, IEview, text/plain, Forecastfox, among others). It's free, it works on a bunch of different kinds of computers, and it's safer than Internet Explorer, and you probably don't have an excuse for not having it on your system.

Firefox 2 was officially released today (here are the release notes), and if you don't have Firefox already, now is probably a great time to upgrade.
Monday, 10/23/06

Fox News, War Stories, and Nine Inch Nails

Glassphyxie kept a running dialogue open lastnight while watching a documentary on Fox News called "War Stories," about World War 2 veterans and their stories. "They played The Mark Has Been Made during opening segments... The Great Below in the background of the guys telling their War Stories [about] Iwo Jima [and later they played] La Mer." Thanks for the emails, and don't worry that you sent three in a row. You could do worse - they were at least three different messages.
Sunday, 10/22/06

Bridge School sets, photos, credits, etc.

More information about the Trent Reznor performance at the Bridge School Benefit has been trickling in as people get home from the shows.

At, a photo of the lineup has been posted. Credited in the photo are Trent Reznor, Martin St. Pierre, Ana Lenchantin, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, and Pablo Motta. You can find links to their respective MySpace pages & parked domains on the current section of More photos from the show have been made available to members of The Spiral, but then you probably are one and know that already.

Saturday's setlist has been confirmed as the following:
The Frail
Something I Can Never Have
La Mer
Adrift and at Peace
The Fragile
Right Where it Belongs

If you dig around, you might find some recordings of the performance on YouTube. Hopefully audio and/or video of this will be available through The Bridge School soon.

Be aware: MySpace NIN scam

If you have a MySpace account and were contacted about a contest regarding a December NIN show in Vegas, please note that this is a scam. From the post by the official NIN Myspace account:
"It has come to our attention that someone has created a phony contest scam regarding a December NIN show in Vegas. This is a SCAM and is in no way affiliated with NIN. Please disregard it, and if you have been victimized by the scam please contact MySpace with all relevant information. We are currently pursuing the matter and tracking down the responsible parties. There are no NIN shows currently scheduled, in Vegas or otherwise. Thanks for your understanding."

Thanks to all the people who sent that info in.
Saturday, 10/21/06

Bridge School benefit first review

Mercury News interactive gives us a little update about tonight's show. I won't quote the whole paragraph, but here's the first bit:
The Nine Inch Nails frontman performed with an unconventional string quartet of two cellos, a bass and a violin (and, on one song, some Asian stringed instrument I couldn't identify from my seat). Reznor played piano and sang, very quietly and very loudly.

We don't have any confirmed setlist yet, but there are reports out there.
Wednesday, 10/18/06

Vaguely Related Musicians

If you're interested in seeing some musicians who have recently performed with Nine Inch Nails, here's the news you've been waiting for!!!!!!

Buddyhead is throwing a party in New York City. Modwheelmood will be performing, and DJ Aaron "Banana" North will be spinning your favorite gay disco hits. November 1st at 8:00PM. See the link for more information. Thanks to Lane for the spartan report.

In even less relevant news, the Dresden Dolls are currently touring. I'm not sure quite why that's news for Nine Inch Nails, but Crystal sent it along anyway.
Tuesday, 10/17/06

NIN's Getting Smaller To Appear in Tony Hawk's Project 8

Literally 1.2 million people wrote in to let us know that the Pere Ubu-inspired track Getting Smaller will appear on Tony Hawk's forthcoming video game "Project 8," which you can read about by clicking here, here, and here, and probably a lot of other places on the Internet. The game will be released on November 7, 2006, on the following platforms: Xbox 360, PSP, Xbox, and PS2, with a PS3 version in the works. No word on whether Trent will appear in the game as a secret unlockable character, but let's certainly hope so.

While I'm at it, lots of people have also been writing in about musical producer Timbaland's recent comments about Trent Reznor in an interview in the November issue of Blender. When asked who his favorite rock producer is, Timbaland replied, "Easy - Trent Reznor. It don't get no iller than him. The sounds and stuff he uses, the machine sounds? Crazy. It's just so futuristic - like robots walking on the track." You can read the full interview here.
Sunday, 10/15/06

I don't go to strip clubs anymore.

That was a long time ago, dude, and you promised you'd never bring it up again.

The Suck remix contest is fairly straightforward. The agreement basically says that by submitting your remix for the contest, you're giving up all future rights to it. You should also avoid sampling any other music in your remix. Oh, and somebody asked me what "P/K/A" means -- "professionally known as."
Friday, 10/13/06

Contest #1: Remix Suck, win $1000

Underground, Inc. is running a remix contest for the original Pigface recording of Suck, featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and Paul Barker, co-founder of Ministry. The best remix will land the remixer a cool grand, and other remixes may get put on an upcoming Suck remix release being put out by the Martin Atkins-founded label Invisible Records.

It's a little less graceful than the earlier NIN remix contests -- you have to download and fill out this PDF (which I would have Drunkpoet break down, but he's probably hitting the Manhattan strip clubs this weekend), then fax it, and then receive a CDR of the master tracks. Then you send back a remix, which Invisible Records will own throughout the world in perpetuity.

It looks like if you sign that contract, you have to deliver a remix of some variety by November 17, 2006. Good luck!

p.s. thanks go to poison_mouth for bringing this to our attention.
Monday, 10/09/06

Help fix the NIN Wikipedia article.

Recently, the Wikipedia entry for Nine Inch Nails had been nominated as a Good Article candidate, but didn't quite pass muster. It was apparently pretty close, but there are a few relatively minor things that could be addressed. If you've got time to kill, and can follow simple directions, help put this article into the top 0.1% of Wikipedia entries.
Thursday, 10/05/06

High-definition actual trailer for 300 is up.

Click here to see the final version of the first preview for the movie 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel. For those of you who have always longed to hear "Just Like You Imagined" in a darkened movie theater, supposedly this will be playing in select theaters before the movie The Departed this weekend.
Wednesday, 10/04/06

Pitchfork details Reznor's El-P collab

daylight pointed out on ETS that Pitchfork Media talked to El-P about his new album, including a bit about the song Flyentology:
As for Reznor, who contributes to a song called "Flyentology", "he basically does the choruses and breakdowns, and he also plays guitar and bass in a section of it. I've had the comment thrown at me for years: 'You're the Trent Reznor of hip hop!' I like his shit, so I was perfectly happy to take that, and it started to make sense to me: 'Hey, that would be a pretty crazy collaboration.'"


The 06 DMA results are really in this time.

nirajp posted this list of winning sites over on Echoing the Sound. I'm not sure the source, because the BT Yahoo DMA site has yet to improve on its established obfuscated navigation system and slow-to-update content, but here's the top 10... something.

Whoops. It looks like nirajp posted last year's winners.

***10/06 Update***

I'm probably the only one who really bothers to check on this thing, but it looks like we came in 33rd place this year, not so bad for a late entry in their off-season. We beat by just one place again, strangely enough.

Congrats to all the sites who placed. See y'all next year.

Cleveland/Youngstown/Mercer PHM fans

Since news is slow, I'm reposting this, er, post from Echoing the Sound.

Hi everybody,

I am working on a book project about PHM that involves talking to folks from the Cleveland/Youngstown/Mercer Co. area for whom NIN and specifically PHM have been highly influential. Check out my myspace page about it and send me an email if you might be interested in being interviewed.

Also, I'm still in the research phase for the project, but will gladly post periodic updates about the project as it unfolds.

You can visit the myspace page of the project for more information, or email