Tuesday October 17, 2006

NIN's Getting Smaller To Appear in Tony Hawk's Project 8

Literally 1.2 million people wrote in to let us know that the Pere Ubu-inspired track Getting Smaller will appear on Tony Hawk's forthcoming video game "Project 8," which you can read about by clicking here, here, and here, and probably a lot of other places on the Internet. The game will be released on November 7, 2006, on the following platforms: Xbox 360, PSP, Xbox, and PS2, with a PS3 version in the works. No word on whether Trent will appear in the game as a secret unlockable character, but let's certainly hope so.

While I'm at it, lots of people have also been writing in about musical producer Timbaland's recent comments about Trent Reznor in an interview in the November issue of Blender. When asked who his favorite rock producer is, Timbaland replied, "Easy - Trent Reznor. It don't get no iller than him. The sounds and stuff he uses, the machine sounds? Crazy. It's just so futuristic - like robots walking on the track." You can read the full interview here.