Friday October 13, 2006

Contest #1: Remix Suck, win $1000

Underground, Inc. is running a remix contest for the original Pigface recording of Suck, featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and Paul Barker, co-founder of Ministry. The best remix will land the remixer a cool grand, and other remixes may get put on an upcoming Suck remix release being put out by the Martin Atkins-founded label Invisible Records.

It's a little less graceful than the earlier NIN remix contests -- you have to download and fill out this PDF (which I would have Drunkpoet break down, but he's probably hitting the Manhattan strip clubs this weekend), then fax it, and then receive a CDR of the master tracks. Then you send back a remix, which Invisible Records will own throughout the world in perpetuity.

It looks like if you sign that contract, you have to deliver a remix of some variety by November 17, 2006. Good luck!

p.s. thanks go to poison_mouth for bringing this to our attention.