Wednesday, 11/30/05

NIN nominated for 4 Surround Music Awards

Rob from Pentamental noticed that along with his band, NIN has been nominated for several Surround Music Awards.

The Downward Spiral has been nominated for Best DualDisc Release and "the best newcomer to surround sound" (Horizon Award). With Teeth is nominated for the Best Made-For-Surround Title, Most Adventurous Mix, and Best DualDisc Release.

The awards take place December 15 at the Surround Expo, presented by DTS.
Tuesday, 11/29/05

NIN nominated for two Billboard awards

Yves Boudreau, in a break from his usual creepy internet stalker emails about my genitals*, sent in news that NIN is nominated for 2 billboard awards, Best Modern Rock Artist, and Best Modern Rock Song for "The Hand That Feeds." The 2005 Billboard Music Awards will be be distributed Dec. 6 during a ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and broadcast live on Fox.

*Just kidding there, Yves.
Monday, 11/28/05

Triple J interview and more now online

umi sent us this news last week, but somehow it got lost in the mix. "triple j (national Australian radio) has just put up the nin 'j file' up on their site. this includes a nice little chat with trent and a tastey morsel playlist... about an hour in total, so have fun kids!" There you have it, now get to downloading.
Saturday, 11/26/05

Non Entity on Know the Score

Hullo again, music geeks. In my Non Existent spare time, I transcribed a piano-vocal arrangement of Non Entity. As usual, if you spot any errors, please let me know.
Tuesday, 11/22/05

Pretty Hate Machine re-issued today

Pretty Hate Machine CD imageThe Rykodisc reissue of Pretty Hate Machine goes on sale today. Amazon currently lists it for $14.99, or you can buy direct from Rykodisc for $18.98.

There are some minor packaging differences, primarily that the album comes in Rykodisc's signature green jewel case, and the Rykodisc label is on the back now.

Update: CD image taken from a post on ETS by taosd who got it from The_Wretched.
Friday, 11/18/05

No Moe Jermoe

There is a lengthy interview with ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, which comments on his exit from the band, his new project, and his life in general. It's a good read, so head on over and check it out. The interview corroborates the basic explanation for Mr. Dillon's departure given by Mr. Reznor in this week's EXCLUSIVO SPIRAL INTERVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA (but is a little less grumpy). Thanks to Telly and everyone else who gave us the nudge.

Just to (hopefully) pre-empt the string of emails I will get, I know his goddamn name is spelled Jerome. It's a joke.
Monday, 11/14/05

Chat With Trent!!!!

On Tuesday, November 15th, beginning at 9pm Eastern Time (6pm Pacific), spiral members will have the opportunity to chat with Trent at the spiral site. This chat will not be conducted in the current chat room application. You must use the new chat link that will appear on this page, starting at 8:00 pm tomorrow. This chat will only be open to spiral members, so once you select the new chat link, you will be asked to log into the chat using your membership log-in information, which will verify your membership.

This is not NIN news

For those that still remember who Danny Lohner is, let it be known that he currently has a project running with JOSH FREESE and the lovely Wes Borland called Black Light Burns. You can find "rough mixes" over at their My Space page.

Let it also be known that Jerome Dillon is alive and well, and an indepth interview with him will be posted on the site TIMBT at some point next week. It's said to cover his past, present and future work, as well as his new project nearLY.

And last but not least, the final Coil studio album "The Ape of Naples" is set to be released in the next few weeks. Some of the album's tracks were recorded in Trent's NOLA studio, some recorded in the last days and weeks of the late Jhonn Balance's life.

Thanks for this slightly off-NIN news go to everyone, as it's been building up for a while, but in particular Telly, Jared and Brian.
Friday, 11/11/05

New Orleans anecdote for the day

As you may have seen on the feed, four more signed NIN guitars are on eBay, "to raise money for hurricane katrina relief and rebuilding efforts." On that point, I'll share an email we got today:

Hey ya'all! Freddie Blue here from WWOZ 90.7fm/ New Orleans chiming in.

I'm taking a couple moments to share some with you all and express my gratitude to Trent for all he did to make VooDoo New Orleans happen. Most of you will never comprehend just how devastated our beloved city is. It cannot be captured on film or described properly, it's so much more than building being destroyed a unique culture and vibe is forever marred and, sadly, much has been washed away forever. Trent single handedly made this unimaginable day [The NOLA Voodoo date] happen.

If I ran into you, I was going to tell you about the last song played on WWOZ. But this way I get to let everyone else in on the secret too. On the Sunday before the storm I was in the studio to make the final preparations and shut the transmitter down. We had been off the air for a couple hours and I wanted to say something. I took Still out of my bag and played The Fragile, I couldn't think of a better song to play. (Keep in mind the station's focus is the Sounds and culture of New Orleans, Jazz, Blues, and roots) and when the song finished and a moment of silence I shut everything down. Our listeners heard the frightful static of the lifeless station. I've since heard back from many asking if that was us, as it was not like anything the had heard before that suddenly drifted out of the silence just before the signal went out. Unusual for WWOZ yes, a sound of New Orleans? Absolutely! Late that night I would be driving the van I got at the last second, frantically driving my friends to a place where we could run and hide. The last vehicle allowed to cross the causeway as the storm torn in, literally running for our lives.

Since the hurricanes, there has been nothing but processing pain and taking baby steps towards building a life that in some ways resembles what used to be. VooDoo was phenomenal, for ten hours New Orleans FELT like New Orleans, a spark of the old magic was present the entire day coming to a stupendous climax with the NIN set, It was like incredible sex and eight months of therapy all spiraled together.

On behalf of myself and everyone that was out on the field on that beautiful day I say thank you very much Trent, words cannot express how much it meant.
Thursday, 11/10/05

Confirmed - NIN @ Almost Acoustic Xmas

KROQ.COM lists Nine Inch Nails and System of a Down as headliners of the December 10th show at the Gibson Amphitheatre. I guess I should also mention that Korn, Fallout Boy, Thrice, Rise Against, and Avenged Sevenfold are also playing.

Thanks Athenia Animus
Wednesday, 11/09/05

Southwestern small venue dates announced

California and Nevada are getting a few more small venue shows from the band after they return from playing South America. You can check out the RSS feed and page for more details, but here are the basics:

12/6 - santa cruz civic center (cap. 2,000)
12/7 - cal poly recreation center (cap. 3,500)
12/8 - Reno Hilton Theater (cap. 1,750)

I've also heard from a couple of sources that "Trent will be doing the Acoustic Christmas at KROQ on December 10th." This seems to line up with the news that just came out, but until it's on or, consider it a rumor.

Thanks to Graham on the heads up about the Cal Poly Rec Center show.
Tuesday, 11/08/05

Doom soundtrack available today

The 22 track score to Doom, work of Clint Mansell, goes on sale today. The last track on the album (and the last one in the movie, we hear) is a 3:11 long remix of "You Know What You Are."

You can also purchase the album via iTunes for $9.99.

Reznor talks about PHM re-issue, touring

Deadpool5 linked to this article in the Toronto Sun where Liisa Ladouceur talks with Trent about a few things in preparation for their Toronto show on Thursday.
"Now I've got Ryko asking me if I'd like to do a deluxe version. Yeah, I would. I would like to have a 5.1 version. I'll do extra songs. I'll redo the packaging. Everything. But I'm not doing it for free. They're not willing to pay, so they put out whatever they put out. That's that."

On that note, Jake wrote in to mention that Amazon is taking pre-orders for the re-release of the album. "The price will probably come down once they receive more official information about the release from the distributor," he adds.
Monday, 11/07/05

MORE TOUR STUFF!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To clarify the previous post, and as AgNa and many others have pointed out, not only has the December 2nd Buenos Aires date changed to December 1st, but it has also changed venues (theoretically). FM Kabul reports that the new venue is the Luna Park, as opposed to Club Ciudad. The official tour page, however, still reports a to-be-announced venue.

Also of note, Josh "Swivel Hips" Homme has some nice words about the QOTSA/NIN tour. Thanks, Matt.
Saturday, 11/05/05

Tour Updates

Sad to report that the Santiago date at El Teatro Caupolicán is indeed cancelled, as noted on the RSS feed. It has been removed from's tour section, and does not appear to have been rescheduled.

From the same RSS item, and again confirmed via the tour section, the Buenos Aires date has been rescheduled from December 2nd to December 1st.

Thanks to everyone who sent in. If you're mad about it, you can always complain to saturnine (she broke the news first).

In somewhat more promising, if unreliable news, Andre L. sent along a Brazilian article on the upcoming Brazilian shows. Why is this worth mentioning? Well, it indicates that Jerome Dillon will be joining the band in Brazil, and was only published this past Monday. So, for all you Dillonettes, there may still be some hope that the messageboard post was full of beans (my personal opinion), and Mr. Dillon is on his way back to the band.
Friday, 11/04/05

NIN Voodoo Footage on now has footage of NIN's performance at the New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience. It can be found by clicking the 'Video' link, and selecting 'Voodoo Festival' from the dropdown menu. There are several performances, including special guest Saul Williams, and Trent Reznor is also featured in the 'Meet the Musicians' video, among other performers.

Thank you to serpeninte and Rich for informing us!

Chile show cancelled?

Here at the Hotline, we seem to have been bombarded with emails from our fellow fans in Chile, who seem concerned about the fact that local event producers have cancelled the November 30th Chile show. Now, shows no change (not that that really says anything), and we've not had any Spiral members emailing in fanclub-exclusive news. But we're getting an awful lot of emails from folks who are awful worried that this show has been cancelled and nobody cares.

We don't know what the hell is going on and if anyone does know, a quick email would help ease this situation. It could just be a case of a change in venues. Until then, for those who are waiting, take it for granted that your local event people have been given the wrong information.
Wednesday, 11/02/05

Interviews galore

Just to steal some of Drunkpoet's thunder, I'd like to mention that a large number of show reviews, interviews, and a few press releases have been added to the article archive here in the last week or so. If you're bored, there are now nearly 250 articles to browse, so check it out.

Articles and Interviews Roundup

There's been a small flurry of news mentions in the last couple days, mostly involving NIN's performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans (and sadly, no elaboration by TR on the ongoing East Coast-West Coast breasts debate), so without further ado:

- Rolling Stone's got an interview online where Trent reveals, among other things, that he likes to put on some D'Angelo when getting freaky (thanks nickynomad, Cody Opdenhoff, and Frank);

- Trent was recently shown in a quick blurb on MTV's TRL, according to Mallory: "they were talking about New Orleans and the concert they held there. They had interviews with the mayor, Josh from QOTSA, and Trent talking about taking a break from the "despair" and his hopes of the city rebuilding" (the ETS member "N.W.A." also wrote in about this);

- is apparently trying to further confuse NIN fans about Jerome Dillon by running some of his recent messageboard posts at this link (thanks Cody Opdenhoff);

- also has a review of the NIN performance at Voodoo online (thanks Monica);

- broken1 was kind enough to type up an article that ran in today's Metro New York newspaper about NIN and Thursday's show at Madison Square Garden. You can read the article here on ETS (the board is having technical issues today; you may need to scroll down, and just refresh your browser if you get a Debug Mode error message);

- And finally, on a personal note, a close friend of mine's father, John Biguenet, is a lifelong New Orleans resident, an incredible writer, and currently a guest columnist for the New York Times, where he's been writing about New Orleans and the aftermath of Katrina. In his most recent and final column, "Defend New Orleans," he mentions attending NIN's performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans and finishes his tenure with the plea that we all continue to support and keep attention focused on "the rebuilding of this great city." You have to sign up for a free 14 day trial to read his past columns and see videos of the damage to his house and neighborhood, and it's well worth it.