Wednesday November 2, 2005

Articles and Interviews Roundup

There's been a small flurry of news mentions in the last couple days, mostly involving NIN's performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans (and sadly, no elaboration by TR on the ongoing East Coast-West Coast breasts debate), so without further ado:

- Rolling Stone's got an interview online where Trent reveals, among other things, that he likes to put on some D'Angelo when getting freaky (thanks nickynomad, Cody Opdenhoff, and Frank);

- Trent was recently shown in a quick blurb on MTV's TRL, according to Mallory: "they were talking about New Orleans and the concert they held there. They had interviews with the mayor, Josh from QOTSA, and Trent talking about taking a break from the "despair" and his hopes of the city rebuilding" (the ETS member "N.W.A." also wrote in about this);

- mtv.com is apparently trying to further confuse NIN fans about Jerome Dillon by running some of his recent messageboard posts at this link (thanks Cody Opdenhoff);

- mtv.com also has a review of the NIN performance at Voodoo online (thanks Monica);

- broken1 was kind enough to type up an article that ran in today's Metro New York newspaper about NIN and Thursday's show at Madison Square Garden. You can read the article here on ETS (the board is having technical issues today; you may need to scroll down, and just refresh your browser if you get a Debug Mode error message);

- And finally, on a personal note, a close friend of mine's father, John Biguenet, is a lifelong New Orleans resident, an incredible writer, and currently a guest columnist for the New York Times, where he's been writing about New Orleans and the aftermath of Katrina. In his most recent and final column, "Defend New Orleans," he mentions attending NIN's performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans and finishes his tenure with the plea that we all continue to support and keep attention focused on "the rebuilding of this great city." You have to sign up for a free 14 day trial to read his past columns and see videos of the damage to his house and neighborhood, and it's well worth it.