Wednesday November 9, 2005

Southwestern small venue dates announced

California and Nevada are getting a few more small venue shows from the band after they return from playing South America. You can check out the nin.com RSS feed and nin.com/tour page for more details, but here are the basics:

12/6 - santa cruz civic center (cap. 2,000)
12/7 - cal poly recreation center (cap. 3,500)
12/8 - Reno Hilton Theater (cap. 1,750)

I've also heard from a couple of sources that "Trent will be doing the Acoustic Christmas at KROQ on December 10th." This seems to line up with the news that just came out, but until it's on nin.com or KROQ.com, consider it a rumor.

Thanks to Graham on the heads up about the Cal Poly Rec Center show.