Monday, 9/30/02

Objectmerch News

The NIN "Fixed" sticker has been reissued and it may be found under the Nine Inch Nails section. Also featured on the site are new shirts for Coil ("Ebola") as well as the addition of Joy Division to the artist list.
Wednesday, 9/25/02

Chris Vrenna/Tweaker Updates

Chris Vrenna, former NIN drummer and current Tweaker, is working on a follow-up album to The Attraction to All Things Uncertain. The new album is going to be released through a new label - BMG/iMusic/ArtistDirect has signed on Vrennas new work. As such, we'll be seeing more Tweaker-related updates coming up. We've even got our own follow-up interview lined up. (feel free to send along questions you'd like to see answered) We got an exclusive link to an article spotlighting Tweaker, Tapeworm & related topics. And Extreme Gaming Radio has recently talked to Chris about a PS2 soundtrack he's working on for a secretive new game.
Sunday, 9/22/02

Jerome Dillon News

We just got word from that Jerome's sent along a couple new photographs (perhaps a solo project?) taken by David Bailey - "things are happening." Head on over the Jerome Dillon website and check em out. And keep checking back - there's more coming soon!
Friday, 9/20/02

Charlie Clouser Scores

If you managed to catch the new Fox TV series Fastlane & were paying attention to the credits, you might have noticed that the music is credited to Cameron Allan and Charlie Clouser. The show plays Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern time.
Tuesday, 9/17/02

(digital noise) interviews Gorfain of string tribute

As you may have heard, a string quartet tribute to nine inch nails will be released on vitamin records on October 15. As a nice lead-in to what is essentially a very good minimalistic remix album, (digital noise) has conducted an exclusive interview with Eric Gorfain, the fellow who arranged this tribute. As an added bonus, the folks at (dn) have posted an MP3 of the string interpretation of Just Like You Imagined, so head on over and check it out.

Official NIN String Quartet Tour in Europe?

Don't get your hopes up too high, but that's how Salon ends their interview with Trent Reznor. The article, which goes live tonight, has David Kushner talking synth programming and video game addiction with Trent:
Today as he prepares to record his next album and compose the soundtrack for the Doom III game, he has arrived at this necessary, though not entirely happy, medium. "I just spent the last month reading software manuals every day," he says with a sigh. "I learned that I don't want to relinquish that [programming] duty to others. I will day to day. But I need to be able to sit down and do what I want to do if I want to do it."
The article is a nice synopsis of the implementation of technology in nine inch nails throughout the years. Thanks to Dean Browell for the link.
Sunday, 9/15/02

Just FYI - My hard drive is dead.

I was this close to finishing my review of the String Tribute to NIN & posting the related contest lastnight, but I put it off until today. Well, this morning, my computer turned on with a fizzle/crack noise, and then quickly turned itself off. To make a long story short, my power supply blew, and it took my hard drive with it.
This frustrates me on a couple of levels: I ordered a new Dell system, which was supposed to have arrived on Friday. However, due to a shipping delay, it will be arriving tomorrow. Secondly, I'm pretty sure the platters in the drive are fine, it's just the electronics that were blown out. So everything's there, I simply have no way to reach it.
Most of my important stuff is backed up, but now I'm potentially missing a little over three months of email, and most of my recent media projects. Anyhow, I'll work up another layout & review for the NIN String Tribute disc (in the mean time: It's good, I recommend it), and we'll be giving away advance copies of the album in coordination with that - look for it this week!
Thursday, 9/12/02

Tapeworm and Robert Smith solo project in media

Tapeworm finished!? According to Sluggo from LA based radio station KROQ that seems to be the case. "Trent and Maynard have wrapped up production on Tapeworm. Hopefully we will see a release before Christmas." Let's hope this is true. Thanks to jonnyisanamerican.
Update: We hear that it's still not finished. Didn't think so! ;-)
A Trent Reznor collaboration with Robert Smith could become a reality in the coming months. Piggy posted the below interview excerpt on the SLS forum.
Translator: "The question was about Trent Reznor. There was that project of a collaboration with Trent Reznor, so where is that project now, is he going to be on the next album or anything?"
Robert: "I've been doing something on my own for like the last two years, and there have been various people involved and one of the people I want to be involved, who hasn't done anything yet, is Trent. But at some point in probably the next, hopefully in the next kind of 6 months, he will do something. There's about...there's eight people that are doing things on my solo album. Six of them have done it, and I'm waiting for two, one of them is Trent, so...I don't know what he's going to do, but...I hope that he will still do something. I mean I sort of know him, but not very well, but I know him well enough to, you know..."
You can read the rest of the July dated interview here.

Monday, 9/09/02

More Gear

If you missed out on the gear sale from Nothing Studios you still have a chance to bid. A few of the items have been relisted on Ebay here. This is a great opportunity to own cool equipment!
Saturday, 9/07/02

Gear for Sale

If you're a musician that's just starting out or a collector then think about heading over to Ebay to check out items from Nothing Studios (like a Yamaha CS1X Synth Keyboard) for sale. Remaining items listed as of now end bidding on the 9th.
A few small submissions:
There's a brief mention of Trent Reznor and Zach De La Rocha in the current issue (Sep. 19, 2002) of Rolling Stone. Thanks hocheckers.
You can now pre-order the string quartet tribute to NIN at CDnow. Thanks NightStalkerX6.
Wednesday, 9/04/02 September Issue & Contest Results

The September Issue of is up! The results from the contest are now online, we had some really great submissions, so check them out. The winners have been contacted by email.
There's also a piece on how video games have affected Trent's music, and more Tapeworm tidbits than anyone needs to know.
Go check it out!