Thursday September 12, 2002

Tapeworm and Robert Smith solo project in media

Tapeworm finished!? According to Sluggo from LA based radio station KROQ that seems to be the case. "Trent and Maynard have wrapped up production on Tapeworm. Hopefully we will see a release before Christmas." Let's hope this is true. Thanks to jonnyisanamerican.

Update: We hear that it's still not finished. Didn't think so! ;-)

A Trent Reznor collaboration with Robert Smith could become a reality in the coming months. Piggy posted the below interview excerpt on the SLS forum.

Translator: "The question was about Trent Reznor. There was that project of a collaboration with Trent Reznor, so where is that project now, is he going to be on the next album or anything?"

Robert: "I've been doing something on my own for like the last two years, and there have been various people involved and one of the people I want to be involved, who hasn't done anything yet, is Trent. But at some point in probably the next, hopefully in the next kind of 6 months, he will do something. There's about...there's eight people that are doing things on my solo album. Six of them have done it, and I'm waiting for two, one of them is Trent, so...I don't know what he's going to do, but...I hope that he will still do something. I mean I sort of know him, but not very well, but I know him well enough to, you know..." You can read the rest of the July dated interview here.