Sunday September 15, 2002

Just FYI - My hard drive is dead.

I was this close to finishing my review of the String Tribute to NIN & posting the related contest lastnight, but I put it off until today. Well, this morning, my computer turned on with a fizzle/crack noise, and then quickly turned itself off. To make a long story short, my power supply blew, and it took my hard drive with it.

This frustrates me on a couple of levels: I ordered a new Dell system, which was supposed to have arrived on Friday. However, due to a shipping delay, it will be arriving tomorrow. Secondly, I'm pretty sure the platters in the drive are fine, it's just the electronics that were blown out. So everything's there, I simply have no way to reach it.

Most of my important stuff is backed up, but now I'm potentially missing a little over three months of email, and most of my recent media projects. Anyhow, I'll work up another layout & review for the NIN String Tribute disc (in the mean time: It's good, I recommend it), and we'll be giving away advance copies of the album in coordination with that - look for it this week!