Tuesday, 7/31/01 Closes For Revamp

One of the finest sites on the NINternet and affiliate to the NIN hotline has made an abrupt farewell...temporarily. has been a favorite for many NIN fans for years. As of now, going there will auto-forward your browser to Users of email need not worry, because The Weathermen provide a link where you can still access your accounts. Those wondering if they can still access the message board can do so by directing your browers to
Friday, 7/27/01

Charlie Clouser with Zombie

Morpheus TechnoPagan let us know that CC will be working with Rob Zombie on his upcoming album. The Remix Files News section also has gear info that Charlie sent in from Fuji. Stop by the site and check it out. Should be a great show!
Thursday, 7/26/01

Confirmation of CC on stage in Fuji

There's been an update on a news bit we first brought you a couple weeks ago. It has been confirmed that Charlie Clouser will play with Alec Empire on July 28th. They will perform on the White Stage during the Fuji Rock Festival at 8:30 in the evening. Empire added that Charlie Clouser, Merzbow and Nic Endo will be in the band for this show.
Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan at The Remix Files. Another resource for this story can be found at

Update: Interscope Deep Realvideo download!

Many thanks to Majestic for pointing this little bit out. You can actually download a 28meg high-quality Realvideo of the unedited directors cut of the Deep video, from the source of the streaming version on Interscope. Straight off the Warner Music Group's RealNetworks server, right-click here and save yourself copy of the Deep video.
Wednesday, 7/25/01 posts higher-res Deep video

Thanks to everyone who voted for Nine Inch Nails on Interscope Records' site, NIN is up at the front page of the site. To top this off, a higher-resolution Realvideo copy of the video for Deep is available. Unfortunately, labels don't like you downloading things, so it's streaming only. The streaming version available at is only 240x180 in resolution, while this new rip weighs in at 320x240 resolution, so check it out. Thanks for letting us know, Ryan
Saturday, 7/21/01

Chris Vrenna's Tweaker to debut in August

A phantom has begun to materialize into reality! Straight from our good friend Commy, who helms - the first single from Tweaker is slated for an August release date. The leading single for the album will be entitled "Linoleum," featuring David Sylvian on vocals. The full album, entitled "The Attraction to All Things Uncertain," is to be released September 18. Keep an eye out on for previews, involving a character named Elliot, who is an important character on this album. For more information about Vrenna and Tweaker, be sure to visit the stylin' often.
In NIN news, the Japanese release of the Tomb Raider soundtrack is July 25, 2001.
Many thanks to Commy for the news :)
Friday, 7/20/01

For Vrenna fans

Cold has donated the Mad Hatter Remix of Just Got Wicked by former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna to a remix compilation cd called Mototrax 1. Vrenna has also completed some programming work for Cold on their latest record 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage. It'll hit store shelves on September 28th through Divine Records. The remix was previously available on a now out of print ep Cold released called Project 13. Thanks to Kyle from

Telefon Tel Aviv, Live in Detroit

Over a month ago, Telefon Tel Aviv performed a half hour gig to an intimate audience at the Detroit Contemporary Museum of Art. In attendance, Haze and myself followed up with a review of the show the next day. I was going to convert it to HTML when I got home, but my modem was fried by lightning while I was work during the first week I was back. Then I moved into a new apartment. And having just recently got all my crap back together, I'm finally getting around to posting this review. So click here to read the review and see why you, too, should have come to Detroit to catch the show.

Vote Reznor as best frontman on

Thanks to the glowing-yellow-text on white background email we received from Jennifer, we're now aware that you can vote for the frontman of Nine Inch Nails at VH1's What's My 20? So let's play the slant the polls game! Go vote and get all your other pals to vote for our pick, Trent Reznor! Thanks Jen!

Reznor remix of N.E.R.D. track online

Thanks to Adam Willis for the heads up, you can now check out the Trent Reznor remix of "Lapdance", the first single off the new album by N.E.R.D., the musical project of producers The Neptunes. Just click over to and click preview on the top menu. The song is available in RealAudio and WindowsMedia formats.

Deep e-card on

Those who signed up for e-mail notification of updates to got an email this morning about the new Deep e-card available for download. Macromedia Flash is required to view the e-card. Thanks pat_man and Asad :)
Tuesday, 7/17/01

NIN remix on movie score

Telefon Tel Aviv's remix of Even Deeper by NIN will be in the movie Newport South. TTA will be featured along with additional artists for the film's original score. The film was directed by Kyle Cooper last year. You may remember Cooper as the creator of the title sequence for Se7en which made use of Coil's remix of Closer.
Tuesday, 7/17/01

Hotline News Archives back online

Converting months of archived material into something more browser friendly and neat is a pain in the ass. Which is why I gave up after getting to September 1999 in our archives. Now if you click on the word "Archives" under the News header in the navigation on the left, you will have access to all the archived news, plus a few bits of buggy code. One or two months are missing - those will come later. Internal links are probably a little messy. Some graphics may link incorrectly and not display. But the text is all there. Once the staff page and search page go up, no more 'stay tuned' dead links on the left ;)
With the new archive up, we're going to limit current news on the front page to be the last fifteen stories posted. The rest of the archives are kept up to date live with each post, so you can find the rest of the month's news in that month's page in the archives. This will save bandwidth hogging for both you and us. Enjoy!

Finck fotos from Cirque du Soleil

With many thanks to Jeff Oritz, we've got some photos for you Finck fans - scanned from the 96-97-98 Program for the Cirque du Soleil's production of Quidam. Along with this in-costume shot, Jeff sent along This scan of Robin from the cast listing. Enjoy!
Saturday, 7/14/01

Notable tidbits

The Hotline has received a few items to hold you over until NIN releases the Fragility DVD.
- Charlie Clouser will be helping out ATR in Fuji July 28th. This maybe the Fuji Festival...?
- CC's friends in Dead Hand System have a new singer named James. Be sure to check them out if you can.
- Dave Rave Ogilvie is currently remixing the new album by 12 Rounds at Nothing Studios.
- Hefty Records has posted Telefon Tel Aviv's Farenheit Fair Enough cd release date as September 18th. Tour dates are still being planned so keep your eyes open for dates near you.
- Clint Mansell is hard at work again in Los Angeles.
-Ageless Stranger wrote in to inform us Switchblade Symphony released their Sinister Nostalgia remix cd on July 10th. If you remember the cd contains an old remix from the Serpentine Gallery cd of "Dissolve" by Keith Hillebrandt. If you haven't heard his remix now is the time to snag a copy.
Keep checking back as NIN news is sure to pick up soon.
Monday, 7/09/01

New Sick Among the Pure this month

The latest issue of Sick Among the Pure's gone live for July. Featuring an article on anti-depressant overuse in American culture, a review of the Cleopatra NIN tribute CD Re-Covered in Nails, issue 8 of The Beautiful Liar, more reader submissions, and plenty more. We won't give the whole game away, so head on over there and check it out for yourself. Be sure to give the crew a note for all their hard work :)
Sunday, 7/08/01

All you need to know about the 'Deep' video

Check out's current section for a link that will lead you to a series of five pages all straight from the Deep video shoot. These pages include exclusive new photos, quicktime movies, and the original video treatment by director Enda McCallion.
Tuesday, 7/03/01

Ed has informed us that there is an officially registered Tapeworm site. Nothing is there currently as it's only registered, but keep your eyes open for any developments. To clarify: url not found if you direct your browser there.
Monday, 7/02/01

Vote for NIN on

Pretty simple, straighforward news post here. has a poll at the bottom right of their page, asking which artist do you want to see on the home page? Your choices are The Crystal Method, Bilal, D-12, Professional Murder Music, and Nine Inch Nails. Lets put a few votes in for NIN, and see what they put online afterwards ;) Thanks to The Psychosphere for sending this one in.