Tuesday July 17, 2001

Hotline News Archives back online

Converting months of archived material into something more browser friendly and neat is a pain in the ass. Which is why I gave up after getting to September 1999 in our archives. Now if you click on the word "Archives" under the News header in the navigation on the left, you will have access to all the archived news, plus a few bits of buggy code. One or two months are missing - those will come later. Internal links are probably a little messy. Some graphics may link incorrectly and not display. But the text is all there. Once the staff page and search page go up, no more 'stay tuned' dead links on the left ;)
With the new archive up, we're going to limit current news on the front page to be the last fifteen stories posted. The rest of the archives are kept up to date live with each post, so you can find the rest of the month's news in that month's page in the archives. This will save bandwidth hogging for both you and us. Enjoy!