Saturday July 14, 2001

Notable tidbits

The Hotline has received a few items to hold you over until NIN releases the Fragility DVD.

- Charlie Clouser will be helping out ATR in Fuji July 28th. This maybe the Fuji Festival...?
- CC's friends in Dead Hand System have a new singer named James. Be sure to check them out if you can.
- Dave Rave Ogilvie is currently remixing the new album by 12 Rounds at Nothing Studios.
- Hefty Records has posted Telefon Tel Aviv's Farenheit Fair Enough cd release date as September 18th. Tour dates are still being planned so keep your eyes open for dates near you.
- Clint Mansell is hard at work again in Los Angeles.
-Ageless Stranger wrote in to inform us Switchblade Symphony released their Sinister Nostalgia remix cd on July 10th. If you remember the cd contains an old remix from the Serpentine Gallery cd of "Dissolve" by Keith Hillebrandt. If you haven't heard his remix now is the time to snag a copy.

Keep checking back as NIN news is sure to pick up soon.