Wednesday June 18, 2008

Amazon pre-orders are up for The Slip

Over at Amazon, you can pre-order the physical release of the Slip as a numbered, limited edition CD/DVD digipak or 12" gatefold vinyl - which is not limited. Currently Amazon has both items priced at $24.98, with the LP on sale for $23.73, but these prices inevitably change as we get closer to the US release date of July 22. If you pre-order on Amazon, the price you pay will be the price it's set to on the release date.

**UPDATE: As of 3pm ET Thursday, the CD/DVD price has dropped to $19.99. If you already pre-ordered, don't worry - Amazon does not charge you until the product ships.**

And UK readers can pre-order at the following stores:
HMV: cd/dvd, vinyl

In other news, I know our news submission form is broken, our hosting company randomly changed up how they handle SMTP mail, but I haven't had time to fix it because I'm behind on about three other web projects at the moment (sorry Cliff! Tomorrow for sure! Again!) but I'll have it back online by the weekend.