Sunday April 28, 2024

Boys Noize talks about the making of Challengers [MIXED]

Writing for The Wrap, Drew Tayler spoke with Alexander Ridha about how the continuous mix of the Challenger soundtrack came about. Described as a "last-minute request", Ridha's approach to Trent Reznor's request to remix the album evolved with a few iterations, after being encouraged to put more of his stamp on the end result.

The [MIXED] take on the soundtrack dropped ahead of the original score, and having listened to both (which I bought on HDtracks for 24-bit/96khz versions, also available on Qobuz), as much as I enjoy the score as-is, I find myself returning to the [MIXED] version as more of a daily-driver. This added context of how it came together is a nice treat, given the way this version dropped without much explanation.