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Your one-stop shop for unacceptably bad Flash animation packed with obscure in-jokes and outdated cultural references! Thanks to the selfless heroism of fellow internet user "trapexit," (nearly) all of the Flash cartoons on this page have been rescued from the brink of extinction and preserved for future generations on YouTube, for better or for worse.

Warning: These animations are relics from a different era, made by a 20-something idiot with a lot to learn about social consciousness and life in general. There are absolutely going to be some attempts at humor that have not aged particularly well, and might not necessarily jibe with today's social mores. Please bear this in mind as you peruse these fruits of my often misguided labor.

June 13,2023
Meant to put this
out in 2013. Oops.

"Hangin' With Justin"
December 1, 2008
Justin is such a
laid-back dude.

"Voice of the Voiceless"
August 10, 2008
Does anyone have
a Ricola?

"The Rich Fownes Show"
June 15, 2008
The first (and last)
episode of the hit show,
coming soon to DVD
and Blu-Ray!

"Ham 'N Eggs (Live at Rehearsals)"
June 29, 2008
I can't wait to
see this live.

April 25, 2008
The manliest NIN
video ever!

"Today's Checklist"
April 5, 2008
Continue to show off
my total lack of
talent: CHECK

"Coffee With Trent Reznor"
March 20, 2008
Marginally better
than Pabst Blue Ribbon
With James Woolley.

"29 Ghosts IV"
(Newhart Psychedelia)
March 15, 2008
Everything goes better
with Bob Newhart!
Especially NIN.

"Hong Kong Phooey"
March 7, 2008
Find out what Trent
is really doing with
your $300.

"Hangin' With Jeordie"
January 12, 2008
So do we have to call
him Twiggy again now
or what?

"Me, I'm Not"
December 9, 2007
Atticus smells something
fishy, and this time
it's not Jeordie!

"Contractually Obligated
NIN Movie"
December 3, 2007
And the Oscar
goes to...

"The Great Destroyer"
August 20, 2007
I hope they cannot see,
I have no pants on.

"From Russia, With Fuck"
July 27, 2007
In Communist Russia,
survivalism gets you!

April 24, 2007
Hope you enjoyed the
2007 US tour!

"Rough Mix Madness"
November 25, 2006
Someone's been busy!
(Obviously not me)

"[WITH_TEETH]: A Retrospective"
July 10, 2006
I'm getting verklempt.

"Every Day Is Exactly The Same
(Official Video)"
April 23, 2006
$200,000 for this?

"Meathead's Christmas Thing"
December 23, 2005
Meathead reveals the true
meaning of Christmas.

"Meathead's Super-Scary Nine Inch Nails Halloween Fright Fest O'Rama 2005"
October 28, 2005
Everybody dies.

"Trent Turns 40"
May 17, 2005
Ew, he's all wrinkly.

"A Bad Apple"
February 16, 2005
Trent demands respect
wherever he goes.

"Another Night at the Studio"
July 23, 2004
Remember that awesome webcam?
Me neither.

"Michael Pritchett Turns 21"
October 20, 2003
A lucky fan wins a once
in a lifetime chance
to piss off TR.

"Writer's Block"
January 25, 2003
Nowyou know, this is
where "The Wretched"
came from.

"Meathead's Crappy Halloween Thing"
October 27, 2002
Violence is funny.

"Trent Reznor Meets Robin Williams"
June 28, 2002
It w as bound to happen
sooner or later.

May 9, 2002
This isn't any funnier
in context (I checked).

"Another Crappy Nine Inch Nails Cartoon"
April 9, 2002
All this for one
stupid gag.

"Charlie Clouser Leaves Nine Inch Nails"
December 24, 2001
The true story of the most
unforgettable event of 2001.

"Trent Turns 35"
May 17, 2000
Meathead's first flash thing
ever! Big deal.

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