The "humor" used in the Meathead Perspective is, for the most part, aimed at those who are familiar with Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, etc. As a result, this may at times invoke feelings of alienation and despair in those individuals who are also interested in Nine Inch Nails but are not as familiar with the terminology. That's why I made this handy-dandy glossary to explain just what it all means. It will be continually expanded as it becomes necessary, or when I get bored. Enjoy!

And All That Could Have Been -- Bomb-diggity live DVD/CD/VHS released by Nine Inch Nails in early 2002 in an ugly gray box.

Awitha Teetha -- NIN's first dental-themed record, released in 2005.

Broken -- EP released by Nine Inch Nails in 1992 as an alternative to flogging TVT executive Steve Gottlieb with a golf club.

Carapetis, Alex -- Toured with Nine Inch Nails as the drummer for approximately one week after Jerome Dillon's departure, then forgot what he was doing and got a job delivering pizza instead.

Closer -- The "fuck you like an animal" song.

Closure -- A double-video released by Nine Inch Nails in November 1997 containing live footage, music videos, and a stick of gum.

Clouser, Charlie -- Former keyboardist (amongst other things) for Nine Inch Nails. Also known for his kick-ass remixes of songs by NIN, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Wilson Phillips. Frequently seen hanging out with Alex Carapetis.

Cortini, Alessandro -- First openly Italian member of Nine Inch Nails. Trent hired him because he thought he'd get some kind of tax break.

Daisy May -- Trent's former dog. Now in dog heaven, where she'll never be subjected to Pere Ubu albums again.

Dillon, Jerome -- Former drummer for Nine Inch Nails who replaced Chris Vrenna. Left the band in order to pursue a career of inappropriateLY capitaliziNG tHE laST tWO letteRS of worDS. Likes to refer to himself as a "sideman," whatever that means.

Discipline -- Formerly titled "I Like Dudes," this song was reworked for inclusion on the 2008 record The Slip.

Down In It -- First song released by Trent Reznor under the name Nine Inch Nails. Only NIN song (yet) to incorporate a nursery rhyme into the lyrics.

Downward Spiral, The -- NIN's breakthrough 1994 album which includes songs like "Closer", "March of the Pigs" and the MTV smash hit "A Warm Place."

Finck, Robin -- Guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. "Prodigal son" of the band; left NIN for a brief stint in Cirque du Soleil, then signed on with Guns N' Roses for two damn years, returned to tour for The Fragile, re-joined Guns 'N Roses, and came back to NIN yet again. Dude, seriously.

Fragile, The -- NIN's long-awaited double album released in 1999. It's over 100 minutes of Reznorrific enjoyment. The phrase "pulled a Fragile" resulted from the its spectacular, record-breaking plunge down the charts in its first week. ("The new Marilyn Manson album totally pulled a Fragile.")

Freese, Josh -- Supposedly the current drummer for Nine Inch Nails, until Zombie Jeff Ward comes back to reclaim his throne (and he will). Fun fact: Josh Freese has played drums on every record that was ever made, and many that weren't.

Ghosts I-IV -- This nearly two-hour long instrumental album, released in 2008, boasts many firsts: It's NIN's first attempt to copy Radiohead, it's the first NIN album with virtually no whining, and it's the first to make The Fragile seem like an exercise in restraint.

Gino -- Trent's fluffer "personal trainer." Why bother trying to explain anything about him? You will never understand anyway. For the love of God he doesn't even understand himself. He's not telling Trent anything for you, tell him yourself. If you don't like him, do something a/b it. He loves too Bitch slap guy's that think they're hard. Don't hate him b/c he looks good naked. 100% ITALIAN so you know the SEX is great. He breeds ROTTWEILERS and has huge puppies if you want to buy one.

halo -- Number placed on each official release from Nine Inch Nails. Fills fans with the intense urge to "collect the whole set."

Herrera, Leo -- Shady character who has occasionally worked as a "studio engineer" for Nine Inch Nails and Menudo. Master of sleazy sexual innuendo. Wears tighty-whities.

Keenan, Maynard James -- Bald asshole who sings/songwrites for the bands TOOL and A Perfect Circle, and was supposedly part of the Tapeworm project. Peddles moonshine on the side while not touring.

Leo -- see Herrera, Leo.

Lohner, Danny -- Former bassist for Nine Inch Nails, now hangs out with shitty nu-metal bands. I mean, other shitty nu-metal bands.

Malm, John -- Trent Reznor's former manager. Tried in vain to get Trent to write a song about him by screwing him out of millions of dollars, but got his ass sued off instead.

Manson, Marilyn -- Controversial shock-rocker(TM) who would currently be known as "Brian Warner and his drum machine" if Trent hadn't been around. Thinks he is cool because he drinks absinthe, and that he is the only person who knows how to get it.

McMahon, Kevin -- Singer/songwriter for Prick, who released an album once under Nothing Records. He lives in the woods somewhere.

Meathead -- The guy who writes the Meathead Perspective every week. Has no social life. Likes beer and chicks, not dudes.

Meldal-Johnsen, Justin -- The single greatest, coolest, handsomest, smartest, most talented and charismatic member of Nine Inch Nails (and the human race) ever. Also, the least aerodynamic.

Murphy, Peter -- Frontman for the mope-rock outfit Bauhaus, who toured with Nine Inch Nails in the summer of 2006. An inspiration to balding middle-aged men everywhere.

NIN -- An acronym which usually stands for Nine Inch Nails, but has also been used to mean "Now I'm Nothing" and "Ned Is Naked." -- The official Nine Inch Nails website. The third-most reliable source of NIN-related info on the internet, right after The Meathead Perspective and

NIN Hotline, The -- The Best NIN News Site Ever!

Nine Inch Nails -- That band that did the song about the thing.

North, Aaron -- Former guitarist for Nine Inch Nails, also the first openly homosexual band member. Note that I said "openly."

Nothing -- Record label co-founded by Trent Reznor. Showcases lots of "trippy", "groovy" music that's really "outta sight." Now "defunct."

Option 30 -- Rockin' "reggae-core" band that Trent Reznor was with prior to Nine Inch Nails. Police-ish.

Patrick, Richard -- Self-declared archnemesis of Trent Reznor. Once part of the band, now fronts the band Filter. Sounds like a pissed off Perry Farrell, except not as good.

PFP -- Acronym for "Proper Fuck Placement." See "Meathead Tells Trent How To Do His Job" for a detailed explanation of PFP and its relevance to Nine Inch Nails.

Pretty Hate Machine -- Nine Inch Nails' debut album. Album that "real hardcore" NIN fans say is their favorite.

Reznor, Mike -- Trent Reznor's dad. Taught Trent everything he knows, except to not write songs like "That's What I Get."

Reznor, Trent -- The guy who sings and writes all the songs for Nine Inch Nails. He says "fuck" a lot, because he thinks that makes him appear cool. Also goes by "TR", "T.Rez" and "Commander Buttmunch".

Ross, Atticus -- Co-founder of the band 12 Rounds, who has been seen hanging out with Trent Reznor lately and therefore earns a coveted spot in the Meatglossary.

Sheridan, Rob -- The poor, unfortunate NIN fan who was forced at gunpoint to become the webmaster of and go on tour around the world with the band.

Slip, The -- Album that Trent and his "friends" wrote and recorded during the Super Bowl XLII halftime special. Despite this fact, it contains surprisingly few shitty songs.

Sweeney, John -- Large, frightening bald man who worked as Trent's bodyguard during the Awitha Teetha 2005 tour. Is actually a big, sweet teddy bear with a heart of gold.

Tapeworm -- Alleged musical collaboration between Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, and others. Like everything else Trent has ever tried to do, it failed, and once again, I totally called it.

that bastard -- see Meathead.

White, Jeordie -- Formerly known as Twiggy Ramirez, a.k.a. "the guy who wrote all of Marilyn Manson's good songs." Joined Nine Inch Nails after knocking up all the Manson groupies. Rejoined Marilyn Manson after realizing that NIN doesn't have any groupies. Also, fucked a dude.

Williams, Saul -- Trent's boyfriend.

With Teeth -- see Awitha Teetha.

TVT -- Trent's former record label, which he left in 1992 to form his own label after going through piles of legal red tape. Inspired the song "Happiness In Slavery," which isn't melodramatic at all.

Year Zero -- NIN's groundbreaking 2007 release that inspired a generation of paranoid retards to think that they're starting a revolution by littering.

Yo! NIN Raps -- see Down In It.

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