La Mer

This is a full scoring of La Mer, in six staves for the sake of convenience, written for detuned piano (OK, not really - it's a slightly detuned synth noise of some description), clarinet, electric guitar, piano, two bass guitars, cello and drum kit.

The first file is my preferred score, with the second bass, cello and drumkit in 4/4 time, and all other instruments in 3/4 time. I think this is the way the piece is intended. Unfortunately, my scoring program can't handle different time signatures between the staves, so I have had to put it together as a series of image files, which I have zipped.

Although I prefer this score, some of you might find it easier to read from a simpler score which is in a single time signature, so I have also included a pdf of the same score in 4/4.

Thanks to Number Nine & Jadezuki for their suggestions and help in proofreading this score.

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