8/10/13.. The NIN Historian is BACK.. Well after we had a "WAVE GOODBYE" Tour I really thought this site would just fade away. Instead I have a new opportunity to keep you up to date and more TOUR Swag to bring to you. Site Updates, Tour Updates. I'm looking forward to the new Album "Hesitation Marks" out September 3rd, 2013 as well as the new TOUR!

In Order to Keep the Content Fresh I have strived to add new items to the site.
In Order for people to get a quick search of new items and happenings I have dedicated this section for quick reference.

Site Updated 8/10/13

Most Recent Updates:

  • 08/12/13: Added a "History of The NIN Historian" link to go down memory lane Here
  • 08/06/13: Did some Housekeeping on the format of the site.
  • 01/10/11: Added some More NIN Tour Items For Sale Here
  • 01/10/11: Added 3 Itineraries- (2) LITS and one Performance 2007 Link Here
  • 01/15/10: Added a "Fragility Uncut Pass Sheet" Link Here
  • 11/10/09: Added a "Performance 2007" Pass Link Here
  • 11/10/09: Added some images to the 2005 With Teeth Tour Pass Page Here
  • 09/01/09: Doing some tidying up on the site you may see some small changes here and there- like organizing the tickets into tables for a better look and feel Here
  • 09/01/09: Fresh off the Chicago Aragon Show on 8/29/09: My review is up Here
  • 07/12/09: Organized all my Show Reviews and created a brand new section on the site Here
  • 07/18/09: FINALLY, got the site back and updated all the Tour Dates after nearly 2 years! Checked and Double Checked Here
  • 04/07/07: A HUGE Thanks to those sending tickets and scans. I'm working my ass off to get them up to the site-Be sure to look at the "CREDITS" section if you see a scan you sent.
  • 02/25/07: Massive Update with Ticket Stubs and Passes from Multiple Tours- Take a Look Around
  • 01/27/07: Added 10 new ticket stubs from various tours Here
  • 01/27/07: Added an 8/6/94 Guest Laminate Here
  • 12/22/06: Added the Winter 2007 With Teeth Europe Tour Dates Here
  • 05/13/06: Added a Winter With Teeth Itinerary Here
  • 05/13/06: Added a slew of Tickets and Stubs from 1990-2006 Here
  • 12/17/05: Added an Arena Tour Pass Sheet from Madison Square Garden  Here
  • 12/17/05: Added two different 11/3/05 Tickets  Here
  • 12/17/05: Added an 11/2/05 Quick Schedule and NIN Production Office Sign Here
  • 12/03/05: Added a 1/24/95, 7/8/05, and 4/28/00 Stubs Here
  • 12/03/05: Added 2006 Winter/Spring Tour Dates Here
  • 11/11/05: Added a With Teeth Europe Itinerary Here
  • 11/11/05: Added a 3/23/05 Working Pass and a Voodoo Festival Press Pass Here
  • 11/11/05: Added bunch of With Teeth Ticket Scans Here
  • 11/11/05: Added a 7/23/90 Ticket Stub Scan Here
  • 10/29/05: Added (3) Phoenix With Teeth Satin Passes Here
  • 10/14/05: Added a few updated tour dates Here
  • 08/27/05: Added a With Teeth Tour (First Leg) Itinerary Here
  • 08/27/05: Added Updated US Fall Tour Dates Here
  • 08/07/05: Added a bunch of With Teeth Tour Ticket Scans Here
  • 07/11/05: The NIN Historian is honored to now be linked by nin.com. Thank you to NIN and the NIN Camp for this privilege!
  • 07/11/05: Added a 11/20/94 and 11/29/99 Ticket Stubs Here
  • 05/19/05: Updated a very overdue number of folks to the "Thanks" Section for all the images, and physical items that have been graciously passed into my hands! Here
  • 05/19/05: Added (3) UPCOMING Australian Tour Dates and two New Europe Dates Here
  • 05/18/05: Added a Few More WITH TEETH Ticket Scans - When you get them, Email me Scans! I'll put them on the site! Here
  • 04/27/05: Added (2) 1991 Ticket Scans Here
  • 04/06/05: Thanks to Anita for the 3/24 Reno Aftershow Pass Scan Here
  • 04/02/05: Added a New Section for "With Teeth" Tour Passes Here