Wednesday June 24, 2009

Great New Collector's Site

Keeping in line with my previous update about re-listing Ally's boots on eBay - which is aimed at collectors - Devon over on ETS has launched an amazing cataloging site, aptly named "NINCatalog.com". Those who can say that one of their favorite hobbies is collecting rare NIN items will find this site indispensible. Here's what Devon has to say about the site:

The site started with my personal collection, and has expanded significantly with the help of a number of ETSers. The goal of this website: to create a definitive NIN catalog website and have it continue indefinitely. Copies of the site's content will be distributed on a regular basis to make sure the thing doesn't die if I happen to disappear; this site belongs to the community.

If you wish to contribute scans of your items to the new site, be sure to contact Devon via email.