Sunday, 4/28/24

Boys Noize talks about the making of Challengers [MIXED]

Writing for The Wrap, Drew Tayler spoke with Alexander Ridha about how the continuous mix of the Challenger soundtrack came about. Described as a "last-minute request", Ridha's approach to Trent Reznor's request to remix the album evolved with a few iterations, after being encouraged to put more of his stamp on the end result.

The [MIXED] take on the soundtrack dropped ahead of the original score, and having listened to both (which I bought on HDtracks for 24-bit/96khz versions, also available on Qobuz), as much as I enjoy the score as-is, I find myself returning to the [MIXED] version as more of a daily-driver. This added context of how it came together is a nice treat, given the way this version dropped without much explanation.

Challengers soundtrack coming to CD and vinyl

That's it, that's the tweet. I'd link you to the tweet, but that platform is garbage.

waves_and_static replied to the Milan Records announcement for the soundtrack on Twitter, asking "CD or VINYL release?" to which the social media manager at Milan replied, "Working on both." Good news for fans of physical media, whether listening at home or DJing at the club.

On that note, from MGM's YouTube channel, here's an official 'music visualizer' for Compress/Repress. Not to be confused with a music video.

Monday, 4/22/24

"Recoiled" to get a 2024 repress?

Danny Hyde, who worked with Coil and is responsible for a several posthumous Coil releases, posted a test pressing of Uncoiled to eBay. This itself is not unusual, Danny often sells interesting things on eBay, but when I clicked through, I noticed a sticker at the bottom with a manufacturing date of February 20, 2024. I went over to the Amazon listing for Uncoiled, and vinyl copies are selling at inflated prices - a pretty clear indication that it's been out of print for a while. It has also been, if the internet is to be believed, ten years since Cold Spring Records released Recoiled.

So if you've been thinking about getting a vinyl copy of these 90s-era-style remixes of 90s-era NIN songs, if you hold out, you may soon be able to pick one up without spending a three figure sum.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this write-up at will bring you up to speed.
Friday, 4/19/24

Variety confirms upcoming full Challengers score release

There's a new interview - text and video - with Trent and Atticus over on Variety, where they talk about how the score came about, and collaborating with Luca Guadagnino on the musical direction for the upcoming film, "Challengers" - and at the bottom of this article by Steven J. Horowitz, there's this nice detail:

"While the “Challengers” score will release in tandem with the film, a different version entitled “Challengers [Mixed]” hit streaming services on April 12, featuring a special mix of songs remixed by Boys Noize. A rendition “Compress / Repress,” which features Reznor’s vocals and was co-written with Guadagnino, was included on “[Mixed],” but viewers will have to wait until the end of the film to hear the original version."

Monday, 4/15/24

Released today, new Witchgang track: Runaway

While Runaway is not up on Bandcamp yet, you can listen to this rock-infused track on YouTube, Spotify, and presumably the usual streaming platforms that Tunecore serves. If you don't know Witchgang, here's a quick primer.
Friday, 4/12/24

Boys Noize mix of the Challengers score now playing

With the film's official release date being April 26, 2024, we've been given an early listen to the dance-heavy soundtrack with a half-hour long continuous edit of the music by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, as (re)mixed by Boys Noize.

This mobile-first link dump gets you almost all the places it's available: Stream from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal. If you like to keep the music you buy, and prefer to give a little more direct support, you can purchase a downloadable copy from iTunes Music, and 24-bit audio downloads are available at Qobuz and HDtracks.

Keep in mind: There is likely more to come. Over at Echoing the Sound, cdm noted that clips posted to Instagram feature different artwork - and track titles that aren't on Challengers [MIXED] - so with any luck, we'll see another, more full release in the coming weeks.

Challengers Soundtrack
Tuesday, 4/02/24

A conversation with Trent Reznor and David Dastmalchian

I'll keep this update brief: There's a really great dialogue between David Dastmalchian and Trent Reznor. David's an actor in films you've seen (or should see if you haven't) and he talks with Trent about sobriety, horror films, respective unexpected career twists, and more. I enjoyed it, and if you haven't already found your way to it, now you've got something to read to pass the next few minutes.