Monday, 2/25/13

Nine Inch Nails returns!

NIN 2013In an article titled Trent Reznor Announces the Return of Nine Inch Nails: Extensive Touring for 2013 and 2014, Amy Phillips at Pitchfork had the pleasure of breaking the news that Nine Inch Nails is hitting the road in 2013 through 2014, with an incredible playing alongside Reznor this time around:
- Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction)
- Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, David Bowie, etc. etc.)
- Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, Puscifer)
- Alessandro Cortini (NIN, Sonoio)
- Ilan Rubin (NIN, The New Regime, Lostprophets)
They're all talking about it at Echoing the Sound, so go see what they're saying.
Tuesday, 2/19/13

Check out Welcome oblivion_ now on Pitchfork

Just click here to listen to Welcome oblivion_ on Pitchfork's "Advance" player, which is a slick little interface bundling video clips, liner notes, and most importantly, a stream of the whole album, two weeks before it's due out. After announcing the stream, How to destroy angels_ tweeted a link to the official pre-order page, which differ from the Amazon pre-orders in that if you pre-order direct from HTDA, you have the option of getting a free download of the album in lossless 24/96 audio + PDF booklet.

All copies of the vinyl release come with a white-label CD copy of the vinyl audio, because I know that a lot of you people buying up that sweet, sweet 180gm goodness don't even own a functioning turntable.

Quit reading this and go listen, it's really good.