Tuesday February 19, 2013

Check out Welcome oblivion_ now on Pitchfork

Just click here to listen to Welcome oblivion_ on Pitchfork's "Advance" player, which is a slick little interface bundling video clips, liner notes, and most importantly, a stream of the whole album, two weeks before it's due out. After announcing the stream, How to destroy angels_ tweeted a link to the official pre-order page, which differ from the Amazon pre-orders in that if you pre-order direct from HTDA, you have the option of getting a free download of the album in lossless 24/96 audio + PDF booklet.

All copies of the vinyl release come with a white-label CD copy of the vinyl audio, because I know that a lot of you people buying up that sweet, sweet 180gm goodness don't even own a functioning turntable.

Quit reading this and go listen, it's really good.