Thursday, 9/30/10

Trent Reznor Talks Music, Inspiration, And ‘The Social Network’ With Kevin + Bean

Trent visited the KROQ studios this morning for a chat with breakfast hosts Kevin & Bean. Read an in-depth write-up here.

Thanks to Nicole for pointing us in the right direction!

(P.S - if you haven't already bought it, the The Social Network soundtrack is now available to download worldwide. It's only five dollars, don't be cheap!)
Wednesday, 9/29/10

Slashfilm Interviews Trent about the The Social Network Soundtrack.

Bloggers Slashfilm just released a fascinating interview with Trent Reznor that's over 50 minutes in lenght, in which they dissect and analyze musical pieces off of the Social Network soundtrack, trying to understand the artistic direction chosen for the score. If you have an hour or so to spare, it is a rare insight inside Atticus & Trent's creative process.

Listen to the interview here.

The Social Network opens Friday October 1st in North America.

*Thanks to Dignan for the heads up.
Tuesday, 9/28/10

Year Zero TV series moves forward

In a surprise revelation from LA Times writer Geoff Boucher, we've learned that the fabled Year Zero TV series is in pre-production with HBO and BBC America. While you can read more details at the link in the previous sentence, Daniel Knauf from Carnivàle is writing for the show, and Reznor is working with Lawrence Bender's team. Anyway, don't expect a debut this year - as Trent's learned, television production "moves at a glacial pace." Thanks to Dragonkal for the tip on this exciting news!

The Social Network Soundtrack is available now

If you pre-ordered The Social Network soundtrack from The Null Corporation then by now you should have received an email with download links for the soundtrack. If you haven't pre-ordered and want to download the full soundtrack, Amazon US is selling the MP3 version for $2.99 for today only, after which it will be full price (presumably 9.99).

Stanloi on Twitter mentions that you can pre-order the cd for £4.99 from HMV if you'd rather not import it from the US, but HMV is not offering downloads at this time.

As to the availability of the Social Network Sountrack on Amazons worldwide, for reasons beyond anyone's control at this point, unfortunately only Amazon US allows MP3 downloads. TSN will be available in the usual spread of online stores soon though.
Sunday, 9/19/10

Ripped from the Shinya Tsukamoto Collection

I mentioned last month that I'd found an unopened copy of the Shinya Tsukamoto Laserdisc collection, which contained the MTV Japan promotional clip that Tsukamoto directed and Trent Reznor did the music for. Since then, I photographed the crap out of it, and sent the details to nincatalog. Then I had to root around for my camera so that I could rip the laserdisc. Then I couldn't find my old camera, and ended up borrowing a capture card instead. Yadda yadda yadda, here's the clip as uploaded to YouTube.

Boiling down The Social Network soundtrack

On Friday, as predicted, the blank space on The Null Corporation website became occupied with the cover art for The Social Network Soundtrack, and when you clicked through, you found your way to a free download of the five-track sampler, several pre-order options, news about even cheaper pre-order options through Amazon, and the full tracklist. There's really no need to rehash what it says there, just visit the website yourself.

In a surprise to everyone involved, for the first hour or so, if you downloaded the sampler just by submitting an email address, you were given a download that was much larger than the same five-track sampler you'd get if you'd pre-ordered a CD, BluRay, or vinyl. It turned out that the freebie sampler was initially distributed in the rather obscure, but backwards compatible MP3HD format, wherein each MP3 file contained a lossy MP3 that various devices could playback, and a lossless audio file that you can play with a Winamp plugin, or a crappy proprietary player. This was quickly rectified, and the regular MP3 download took the place of the MP3HD download.

The internet never forgets though, 150+mb MP3HD download is available on Dropbox courtesy ihatecrayons. Get while the getting is good.

And finally, a sixth song from the soundtrack (the opening track) can be heard on The official website for The Social Network - Originally, the background for the site was a version of "Hand Covers Bruise" with no piano, but this weekend, the track got changed out with the piano version.
Thursday, 9/16/10

Listen to The Social Network sampler on Friday

Over at Mashable, Brenna Ehrlich spoke (emailed) with Trent Reznor about his latest musical outing, and has a whole pile of info related to the release of The Social Network soundtrack. The important bits? Free five song sampler coming out tomorrow, and you can preorder the whole damn thing - which drops in less than two weeks - for $2.99 through Amazon. (Patience, when we have a link, we'll post it).

The article also reveals the website for The Null Corporation, and I'm pretty sure you can guess what's going to show up in the 'coming soon' black box on the top left.

In a related note, Quint at Ain't It Cool News got five questions with David Fincher, director of The Social Network, and dedicated two of them to Trent Reznor - read about how even David Fincher stalks Trent, about halfway down this page. You can read their review of the movie here. The topical quote you're probably looking for? "And holy shit is Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor’s score amazing."

Thanks to Matt and secondhandsyringe for sending in the news, and @chcarver for giving us the heads up on the Mashable article via Twitter.