Thursday September 16, 2010

Listen to The Social Network sampler on Friday

Over at Mashable, Brenna Ehrlich spoke (emailed) with Trent Reznor about his latest musical outing, and has a whole pile of info related to the release of The Social Network soundtrack. The important bits? Free five song sampler coming out tomorrow, and you can preorder the whole damn thing - which drops in less than two weeks - for $2.99 through Amazon. (Patience, when we have a link, we'll post it).

The article also reveals the website for The Null Corporation, and I'm pretty sure you can guess what's going to show up in the 'coming soon' black box on the top left.

In a related note, Quint at Ain't It Cool News got five questions with David Fincher, director of The Social Network, and dedicated two of them to Trent Reznor - read about how even David Fincher stalks Trent, about halfway down this page. You can read their review of the movie here. The topical quote you're probably looking for? "And holy shit is Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor’s score amazing."

Thanks to Matt and secondhandsyringe for sending in the news, and @chcarver for giving us the heads up on the Mashable article via Twitter.