Tuesday, 3/30/10

You can't be David Carson's friend, even if you tried.

Robert Harper got in before the doors shut though, and so you can be friends with David Carson through Mr. Harper. Well, through us, since we're technically the ones relaying the message. What is this all about then?
David Carson 's back in folly beach working on a new nin project and finishing touches on his new book. next week, boston! he continues to like writing in the third person.(as tho hes not actually writing these) ps please remember fb is not allowing me to add ANY new friends : (

That was posted to DC's Facebook wall or some such. I don't really have anything to add to it, so I'm going to paste it again, and boldface a section of it, just to take up some more space on the front page. You can probably close this tab and go back to browsing.
David Carson 's back in folly beach working on a new nin project and finishing touches on his new book. next week, boston! he continues to like writing in the third person.(as tho hes not actually writing these) ps please remember fb is not allowing me to add ANY new friends : (

See you next time!
Monday, 3/29/10

1992-era TV interview surfaces on YouTube

We posted this to Twitter but figured it's probably worth bringing up to the front page so that you can see that we're doing something other than occasionally posting about eBay auctions and updates to official NIN web entities.

This interview with James Wooley, Chris Vrenna and Trent Reznor was filmed the day after the band completed editing the video for Wish. It's in three parts, so you're better off clicking-through to YouTube than watching it embedded here. It's kind of fascinating to see the set decor and hear the names of the other bands of the day mentioned in context with the airing of videos for Pinion, Wish, and discussion of the video for Happiness in Slavery.

Thursday, 3/25/10

Last day of mystery music session

Trent Reznor dusted off the old Twitter account to post this image along with the message, "Last day of the session!" yesterday evening. The two guys in front are Alan Moulder and Atticus Ross while Reznor looks on from the background.

As always, we'll keep you notified once news breaks about whatever is being worked on. Until then, keep enjoying all of the content TOIOU and others are putting out right now!

Looks like the tweet and photo were both trolled and subsequently deleted. Right on, trolls. Right on.
Tuesday, 3/23/10

Fan made DVD trend continues

Following the mysterious release of Lights in the Sky footage, and the granting of an open camera policy for Nine Inch Nails' 2009 tour, an increasing number of fans attended shows with recording equipment. The impetus to document these events was heightened by the growing belief that this tour (named "Wave Goodbye") could be the band's last. This in turn spurred a series of video and audio projects.

Recently released is the Your World on Fire project, from the Kansas City show that took place during the NINJA portion of the last tour. So as not to give you a repetitive scroll injury, I have put more information, and a brief interview with the creators on the TOIOU site. Elsewhere, previews are available of a new Atlanta DVD, a compilation has been made of Rob Sheridan's on-stage videos, and a series of videos about the London o2 show, edited from over 60 sources, has been uploaded to youtube.

A further list of upcoming films can be found here. If you know of something that should be on there but isn't, please let me know.
Monday, 3/08/10

This One Is On Us presents: Another Version of the Truth - Las Vegas


Las Vegas is the final part of the Another Version of the Truth collection, and is exclusively community-created.

Filmed entirely by fans and co-ordinated by Alex Gamble, this release saw the community fly in from around the world, donate technology, skill, and even airfare (fans raised money to send chaonatic, a valued taper, to the concert) to document the final performance of Nine Inch Nails' stunning 2008 tour. Over 200GB of footage was collected, which was meticulously edited together by a team comprising of people from all over the world.

This disc is available in a variety of formats including:

Over the coming weeks people from across the community will create several more formats for their peers. Please check here for any further download options. Please seed releases for as long as possible

More details about this and other ThisOneIsOnUs releases can be found here

PDF booklet and artwork for the Another Version of the Truth collection can be found here

Stage casualty Fragility guitar might actually sell for less than $9000

Fragility GuitarAnother small batch of NIN tour items is up on eBay again, including a busticated Fragility Guitar (pictured), custom keyboard stands from recent tours, some cymbals, and another hypersonic extremely-directional speaker. This stuff never gets old to me.
Monday, 3/01/10

New batch of NIN gear on eBay slightly more affordable, less interesting

Amongst the drum sticks, guitar stands, and drum cases, there are still a few gems, like this Dave Smith Instruments Evolver, and the standard-issue already over $1000 guitar. There are also a few stage casualty guitars, although is actually repairable. Some of this stuff isn't quite as exciting as, say, a Fragility guitar, but they're certainly more affordable. See the whole pile of 'em on eBay. Happy hunting!