Tuesday March 23, 2010

Fan made DVD trend continues

Following the mysterious release of Lights in the Sky footage, and the granting of an open camera policy for Nine Inch Nails' 2009 tour, an increasing number of fans attended shows with recording equipment. The impetus to document these events was heightened by the growing belief that this tour (named "Wave Goodbye") could be the band's last. This in turn spurred a series of video and audio projects.

Recently released is the Your World on Fire project, from the Kansas City show that took place during the NINJA portion of the last tour. So as not to give you a repetitive scroll injury, I have put more information, and a brief interview with the creators on the TOIOU site. Elsewhere, previews are available of a new Atlanta DVD, a compilation has been made of Rob Sheridan's on-stage videos, and a series of videos about the London o2 show, edited from over 60 sources, has been uploaded to youtube.

A further list of upcoming films can be found here. If you know of something that should be on there but isn't, please let me know.