Monday, 7/31/06

The show must go on

Sure, NIN may be done touring for the next 20 years, but that doesn't mean everyone else is. Fellow Asian Hotline correspondent Drunkpoet and I recently had the opportunity to check out one of our other favorite bands. Read the in-depth review here!

Pre-NIN Reznor interview

Youtube is hosting a video of an interview with Exotic Birds - one of TR's pre-NIN bands (slow news day, k?). For our fellow computer/music geeks, there are some aged comments about computers as a music tool that are pretty interesting.

Thanks go to Dan for the email.
Monday, 7/24/06

NIN tracks used in Showtime series and teaser trailer for Frank Miller's 300

Since news is slow, I figured we might as well update with a couple of NIN-spottings. First, the Showtime series Brotherhood apparently used the title track from With Teeth in their recent episode, "Matthew 13:57." Zac Ray tells us they played the entire first half of the song, up until the slow part.

Second, Ryan tells us he was at Comic-Con attending the panel for the new movie 300, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller about naked dudes battling it out in ancient Greece; the teaser trailer Ryan watched is set to "Just Like You Imagined."
Sunday, 7/23/06

The NIN Hotline wins Band Madness!

For our tireless/tiresome reporting and loyal viewer base, the Nine Inch Nails Hotline has been declared the winner of Band Madness, beating finalist Pink Floyd 72% to 28%.

Thanks jakem, Loydster and alex for sending that in.
Wednesday, 7/19/06

Do you believe in love?

LA Weekly posted a fabulous review of the next-to-last NIN show in Irvine, California, and finally confirms what most of us have known all along.

Looooove"Even more poignant was the moment Reznor and guitar-swinging Aaron North stood face-to-face and their necks seemed to intertwine, their heads resting on each other's shoulders. We know Reznor goes through his axmen like tissue paper, but this looked like real love to us."

<3 <3 <3

Read the full review here. Thanks to Cliff for sending this in.
Tuesday, 7/18/06

NIN Makes Top 50 Grossing Tours of the Mid-Year

According to Pollstar, NIN has had one of the Top 50 grossing tours of the year so far. They landed at #39, grossing $7.7 million with 208,784 tickets sold, ahead of singer Michael Buble and behind Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. No one defeats the Lord of the Dance!

Thanks to Artemisian for the link.
Thursday, 7/13/06

MTV Reports Aaron Lawsuit

martyn jackson and anarchyangel send in this link from MTV: Nine Inch Nails Sued. Pretty cool picture of Aaron included, even if you're not interested in the article.
Wednesday, 7/12/06

Look Out Aaron!

I am braving my deep seated hatred of bloggetry to relay an unsubstantiated rumor, reported by Wolfkiller and Tainted Bliss (assign credibility at your own folly).

Aaron North is supposedly being sued for clocking a security guard in the head with a microphone stand. This is entirely unverified, but hey, there's a YouTube video link. No bananas were reported harmed on the scene.
Monday, 7/10/06


As you may have noticed, the WITH_TEETH_2005-2006 tour finally ended on Saturday night (seriously this time). Before we look ahead to the upcoming six years of nothing, I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon these past 15 months of thrills, spills, and Jeordie White. Enjoy.

2005 Tour Lithographs Available

CEREALMAN writes in to let us know that quite a few 2005 tour lithographs are now available via Prices look to be about 25 USD, with an additional 8.50 for shipping.
Sunday, 7/09/06

Rolling Stone: NIN fan fashion

Rolling Stone magazine are running an online-exclusive gallery of NIN fan fashion styles from the June 17th Jones Beach, NY show. Most of the people photographed are teenagers, so I guess everyone over the age of 19 were too boring for the cutting edge that is RS. Don't worry, the Hotline thinks all NIN fans are beautiful. Thanks go to cashpiles for the email.
Saturday, 7/08/06

July 8th Radio Show Cancelled

According to the official Bauhaus website, the July 8th KITS Live 105 radio show was cancelled. No other information is given on either the Bauhaus website or Thanks to Ryan and Lakota.

Live 105 now has an interview with Reznor on their website. It's about 7 minutes and 15 seconds long. Thanks to Lakota for the info.
Friday, 7/07/06

If you tried to send a picture of your KRAK to CX KiDTRONiK...

There was a typo in our interview with CX KiDTRONiK, where we listed the email address for fans to send in pictures of KRAK happenings for use on the album cover for KRAK ATTACK 2. The correct email address is CXKIDTRONIK@CXKIDTRONIK.COM. So if you already sent in your KRAK picture, please re-send it to that address instead.

CX KiDTRONiK and the NIN Hotline would particularly like to encourage female fans who have NIN logo tattoos on the small of their backs to send in KRAK pictures.
Thursday, 7/06/06

Happy (Belated) Birthday Huey Lewis!

Rocker Huey Lewis, a good friend of us here at the Hotline, turned 56 yesterday. Unfortunately, we were so caught up in all the other exciting NIN news going on that it totally slipped our minds. Sorry, Huey, hope you had a good one!
Wednesday, 7/05/06

Band Madness Round 9: World Domination

In the final round of Band Madness(exclamation point), NIN is up against old rival Pink Floyd. Thanks to AtomicLlama, Tainted Bliss, and ben for the info. I must go change my diaper now.