Wednesday, 5/31/06

Contest for Atlanta fans

The Atlanta radio station 99X is having a contest for fans to win tickets and a chance to attend a "private performance" with Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy. We're guessing this means you get to go to the soundcheck. If you're interested, details are up at Thanks to Joshua Mangum for writing in.
Friday, 5/26/06


Apparently the Meathead Perspective has been down for a while. Sorry. I've been working on a new layout for the past... five months or so. Most of the time was spent sitting around and saying "fuck that new layout," but now I've finally gotten enough done so that I feel comfortable sharing it with you jerks. I'll probably just call it a beta version and then sit on my ass for another five months. Enjoy (or don't, I don't care)!

No streaming NIN in WMV tonight.

Matt wrote in with a link to MSN Music's exclusive video coverage of the Sasquatch festival, where Nine Inch Nails is kicking off their latest North American tour. It remains to be seen if NIN's performance will be shown, but we'll let you know if we find out anything solid on that.

Whoops, looks like MSN's coverage sucks, they're going to broadcast highlights on June 1. All that is up on that site now are regular videos from artists in the Sasquatch lineup.

KROQ posts Breakfast audio online

Saving fans the extra step of capturing and converting and torrenting on their own, KROQ posted the four-part Kevin & Beans breakfast with Nine Inch Nails, including live performances of Non-Entity and Not So Pretty Now, as well as questions from show attendees & the DJs, Kevin and Bean.

The downside is that it's streaming in Windows Media Format, so you may not be able to play it if you've got a Mac. Still, it's a step in the right direction.

UPDATE: KROQ forgot to post a link to part five. It didn't take much guesswork to find it, but there it is, in case you didn't know any better.
Wednesday, 5/24/06

High quality photos from lastnight's show

Someone at FrontRowCenter sent us a link to, which launches officially on May 27th. At this site, you will be able to purchase really nice (and officially authorized) photographs from shows on the upcoming NIN tour. Most of the site is disabled at the moment, but when it launches, it should be pretty cool -- though no pricing has been announced yet.

Not So Pretty, Non-Entity for breakfast.

You may have caught the performance on The Spiral's webcam, The Hole, but if you haven't heard, NIN's performance for the KROQ breakfast included a full-band performance of Non-Entity, a track that Trent had debuted via piano & boombox at a Katrina Relief show last year. The band also performed Not So Pretty Now, which had only been performed twice in 2005. The set also included Only, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds, and Right Where it Belongs.

You can read Jason9's report on the experience here, courtesy Beavette. P.S. Mizzi was there too.
Monday, 5/22/06

Update on KROQ's Breakfast with NIN

Somewhere in the 328 pages of discussion on the topic, it was revealed on The Spiral that Spiral member Jason9 was one of the winners in a contest to attend the NIN/KROQ Breakfast... thing. Apparently, the breakfast is tomorrow and KROQ is going to air portions of it this Friday. Jason mentioned that he'll draw up a full report on The Spiral when he gets back. Congrats to Jason!
Friday, 5/19/06

Cover Your Bits

Rock Sound reports that the Dillinger Escape Plan will be releasing a cover of Wish (and other covers) to iTunes on June 13th. In other cover news, DEP and others will be featured on Kerrang's 25th anniversary CD. "Still Remains" will be covering Head Like A Hole on that disc.

Thanks to gg3000 and Ninhead for the tips.
Thursday, 5/18/06

No News Is Good News For Spam

As there's really not so much else going on, it can't hurt to mention a a fun little web site called Band Madness. Matt L sent us a note that Nine Inch Nails is being beaten by AC/DC.

Stand firm and send Australia the right message - we don't want your school boys.

P.S. There are other fun match-ups like No Doubt versus Sublime.
Monday, 5/15/06

NIN to play KROQ Breakfast

theruiner managed to send this to me, despite my having removed our submission form for the time being. Thanks to his perseverance, I can share this with you:
According to, NIN is going to be the feature guest on their next "Breakfast with" feature. Basically, the morning guys, Kevin and Bean, interview the band, they play a few songs, and an audience of a few lucky winners get to eat breakfast and watch the proceedings, and there's even a Q&A as well. This week they're giving away tickets. The winners get not only tix to the breakfast, but also tickets to the show at the Verizon in July. Also worth noting: KROQ now streams their station live, so the day of the breakfast everyone can tune in. They also usually post the interview up on the site later, anyway.
Tuesday, 5/09/06

MTV reports on Williams/Reznor collaboration

Chris H. wrote in letting us know that interviewed Saul Williams about his upcoming album, co-produced by Trent Reznor. Tentatively due in early 2007 (you know, soon), the pair worked on it in hotel rooms between tour dates, and later at Trent's LA studio. Read the interview for more!
Monday, 5/08/06

Yes, our submission form is offline

Over the weekend, a really shortsighted spammer got the idea in their head that our news submission form actually posts somewhere, and hit us with about sixty submissions consisting of nothing more than link spam, from a dozen or so different IP addresses.

I don't have a lot of free time, so I'm taking the form down while I work on implementing some form of lame-o captcha. Or something. Nothing's really going on now anyway (I mean, look at Drunkpoet's last post.)

PSA: If you don't have antivirus software, download AVG, it's free. If you don't have a firewall, Download ZoneAlarm free. AdBlocking software can't hurt either -- Try Windows Defender, AdAware, and SpyBot Search & Destroy. Please.
Sunday, 5/07/06

Speaking of music videos

Check out this animated video of the Mars Pathfinder's journey, set to Sunspots. I don't know exactly why, but it's cooler than it should be.

I suppose while I'm updating I might as well add that there was a mention of Trent in the May 5 edition of the L.A. gossip blog Defamer, under "Hollywood Privacy Watch," regarding his attendance at Coachella. Chimaera wrote in with that.
Saturday, 5/06/06

E3 for dollars on the barrel-head

We've been notified that E3 is NOT exclusively invite-only. It is actually press and industry only.

So, if you are somehow related to the electronic entertainment industry (Blockbuster counts, we are told), and you wish to pony up somewhere between $325 and $650 to maybe see Vrenna & co. if you are realllllly lucky, check out the E3 homepage.

Thanks to Kev, Mac, and everyone else who totally schooled me.
Friday, 5/05/06

Vrenna at E3; Rousseau Surrenders to the Mutaytor

Various gaming news sites have reported that Chris Vrenna, of Tweaker and some other band, will be performing at E3 in support of the Tabula Rasa videogame soundtrack.
[V]isitors to the booth will see the high-energy performance art and percussion beat of The Mutaytor playing the music of Tabula Rasa, in scheduled performances throughout the three-day show. There will also be performances by Chris Vrenna, of Nine Inch Nails fame, and Clint Walsh, composers of the Tabula Rasa soundtrack.
I think E3 is an invite-only event, so good luck getting in.
Tuesday, 5/02/06

Winners of the NIN Hotline Myspace Film Your Own EDIETS Video Contest

We are pleased to announce the following winners of our myspace contest to make your own music video for Every Day Is Exactly The Same:

The first place award goes to Justine Sands for her video, which you can watch by clicking here! We felt that Justine's video was the most professionally shot and had the most interesting concept, and we were especially pleased with the live NIN concert footage.

Second place goes to Paul, whose video can be viewed by clicking here. What we liked about this video was the production quality and the use of repetitive imagery.

And third place goes to Ben, for this video. Simply put, the sheer randomness of this video was highly entertaining.

The winners were selected by Leviathant and myself, and will receive the following prizes: 1st place winner will receive a giant With Teeth lyrics poster and a print of one of Meathead's paintings. 2nd place will receive a giant WT lyrics poster and 3rd place will receive a gift certificate for dinner at Denny's.

A huge thank you to all who participated! You can find links to the videos submitted by the other contestants, who all get honorable mention, and links to their myspace profiles on our myspace page.