Monday May 15, 2006

NIN to play KROQ Breakfast

theruiner managed to send this to me, despite my having removed our submission form for the time being. Thanks to his perseverance, I can share this with you:
According to KROQ.com, NIN is going to be the feature guest on their next "Breakfast with" feature. Basically, the morning guys, Kevin and Bean, interview the band, they play a few songs, and an audience of a few lucky winners get to eat breakfast and watch the proceedings, and there's even a Q&A as well. This week they're giving away tickets. The winners get not only tix to the breakfast, but also tickets to the show at the Verizon in July. Also worth noting: KROQ now streams their station live, so the day of the breakfast everyone can tune in. They also usually post the interview up on the site later, anyway.