Friday, 3/31/06

Spiral cam's on.

Don't look now, but there's a show starting up in a casino somewhere in California, and you can watch it via THE SPIRAL. So... watch that while I continue to upload some goodies we want to debut this weekend. Head on over to and watch -- if you're a member.

Whoops. So, maybe two minutes after I posted this, the stream went dead.
Thursday, 3/30/06

The Tool Hotline

As you probably have noticed, this site spawned a spinoff in the last month or so. With tonight's addition of some forums to go along with it, I think the time is due for a proper announcement of the site.

The Tool Hotline will attempt to be for Tool what the NIN Hotline is for NIN - quick and accurate news without the bullshit, a big fat article archive, plus really cheap official merch. (Sorry, no meathead perspective about tool. I know. Everyone keeps asking.)

It might be a little rough-and-tumble in these first few months as the new staffers get comfortable with the surroundings (they've done great so far), but as the new Tool album comes around, turn to the Hotline for tool news -- and if you know anyone who might be interested in the site, send em this way.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled quiet period at the end of the NIN tour. Let's hope for an EDIETS video to tide us over between tours.

More NIN Photographs + Words

Yes, it must be your lucky day, because here are some more new photographs of the NIN (live this time). There is also an, um, hard stab at a review. Thanks to the author for sending it along.

NIN Photograph

Sammy wrote in to let us know that you can click here to see a new cool photograph of the current NIN, shot by Tamar Levine. Click 1 and 3 to see Carnie Wilson before and after the New Jersey Paradise diet.
Wednesday, 3/29/06

More info on the HD show filming

Rob Sheridan posted this additional information, about the filming of last night and tomorrow night's performances, over on the Spiral:

"16:9, true HD.

The high resolution is such a huge difference from what we've done in the past with DV cameras (ie And All That Could Have Been). Everything is so crisp and clear, it has a completely different look to it. This will definitely be unique from previous live NIN presentations."

You can find the setlist from last night's show in OKC here.
Tuesday, 3/28/06

Reznor to guest on El-P album

If you're not familiar with El-P, you might have at least caught his remix of Only (which appears as a track on the upcoming release of EDIETS). Nickynomad emails in to let us know that mentions Trent being lined up for a guest spot on El_P's upcoming album, tentatively titled "I'll Sleep When You're Dead".

Awitha Teetha goes platinuma

We've just heard that NIN's album With Teeth has officially been certified platinum as of yesterday, meaning one million copies have been sold. Everyone be sure to give Trent a call and congratulate him on this big milestone!
Monday, 3/27/06

OKC and El Paso Shows to be filmed in HD

Trent has posted the following message on the Spiral:

"We are filming some shows.

Our plan is to film the shows in Oklahoma City (3/28) and El Paso (3/30) for a possible DVD release. We're filming in high definition so look your best!"

Thanks to NINman for writing in.
Wednesday, 3/22/06

EDIETS now available for pre-order in Germany

Dewretching writes in to let us know that EDIETS is now available for pre-order on for the princely sum of 15.99 EUR. The further they import, the more expensive it gets. Thanks Dewretching!
Friday, 3/17/06

Say hi to Saul Williams for us

A lass named MIKI sent us an email saying that "Saul Williams will be at the Borders Bookstore in Lithonia,GA (just outside Atlanta) on March 19th at 3pm," which seems plausible enough considering he's not joining NIN at the Global Gathering the day before. It's a Sunday afternoon, you know you're not going to be doing anything, and it'll be a pretty cool thing I think. Think: flash mob. (Okay, fine. Maybe our two readers in Atlanta don't constitute a 'flash mob.')
Wednesday, 3/15/06

Amazon UK Import of EDIETS now available

Good news my British brethren! now has the import of EDIETS available to pre-order for £8.99 as of now. I'm guessing this means our special promo vinyl boxes aren't getting any fuller, as that's about all we've heard in terms of anything new being released on this side of the water. So it goes. Thanks Sweetie!
Monday, 3/13/06

A whole lot more than one summer tour date shows up just updated their "performance" page with approximately one buttload of new tour dates. Bauhaus and TV On The Radio are opening, if you're into that kind of stuff.

Another Summer tour date shows up

Sean Highkin wrote in to pass on that 101.1 KUFO in Portland is advertising a NIN show at the Clark County Amphitheatre in Ridgefield, WA. Tickets go on sale this Saturday (presumably through ticketmaster) and the show date is May 27. We'll keep you posted as more shows are announced.

Saul Williams recording with Trent/Atticus

There's a picture of Saul Williams recording something in the same room as TR and Atticus. For the new NIN album? For a new Saul Williams album? Has Atticus got something in the pipeline? You know where you need to take this.


During a pre-concert poetry reading in Knoxville on Monday, Saul W. revealed that Trent is co-producing his new album. Sweet. Thanks for the email Jon!
Friday, 3/10/06

EDIETS pre-order now $6.99

We mentioned earlier that Amazon was taking pre-orders for the US single for Every Day Is Exactly The Same - well, they've dropped the price by a dollar. Not a bad deal at all.
Thursday, 3/09/06

Stream of Only Remix

Click here (and then on an annoying flash player) if you would like to hear El-P's remix of Only.

Thanks to ATL, gutner, nwimnthng0, all the other vowels from the former person's name, and everyone else who sent this along.

Carolinas Radio Competition

WKZQ in Myrtle Beach has a rockin' contest for you Carolinas residents who managed to barter for internet access. You could win tickets and a bus ride!

Good luck, and thanks to Kim for letting us know.
Monday, 3/06/06 adds more past lithos

Apparently there were some leftovers from Barcelona, Paris, Seattle, Tucson and Vienna, which you can get for $24.99 a pop at the official NIN Store. Supplies are probably limited, so get while the getting is good.
Sunday, 3/05/06

Pre-order EDIETS for $7.99

Well, it looks like Amazon is taking pre-orders for the first U.S. single from With Teeth. As we mentioned before, the CD will be coming out on April 4th. See for more info.
Friday, 3/03/06

Ottawa show cancelled.

Heads up - tonight's show is postponed due to illness. When we hear about a make-up date, we'll be sure to post it.

*UPDATE* Several sources have mentioned now that the show is cancelled, and tickets are being refunded. Sorry folks.
Wednesday, 3/01/06

Blatant self-promotion

That gaping hole in the navigation menu was getting to me, and I was trying to figure out how to fill it, when suddenly the transaxle and clutch and brakes on my car needed to be replaced. So now I'm linking to NIN related stuff we put on eBay, because cars suck.

I haven't bothered you with ads for most of the life of this site, so please excuse this unabashed, somewhat subtle house ad. I won't be posting about any future ones, you'll just have to check the menu link from time to time if you're curious. If this upsets you, please send me a very angry email, they're so much fun to read.

First up is the third in a series of rather nice corsets that my wife Mel has made out of my old NIN shirts. Other unique items will be made available in the future through that link, while it's up there - which likely won't be for too long.

And that's the last I'll mention it. Thanks for indulging me.