Wednesday March 1, 2006

Blatant self-promotion

That gaping hole in the navigation menu was getting to me, and I was trying to figure out how to fill it, when suddenly the transaxle and clutch and brakes on my car needed to be replaced. So now I'm linking to NIN related stuff we put on eBay, because cars suck.

I haven't bothered you with ads for most of the life of this site, so please excuse this unabashed, somewhat subtle house ad. I won't be posting about any future ones, you'll just have to check the menu link from time to time if you're curious. If this upsets you, please send me a very angry email, they're so much fun to read.

First up is the third in a series of rather nice corsets that my wife Mel has made out of my old NIN shirts. Other unique items will be made available in the future through that link, while it's up there - which likely won't be for too long.

And that's the last I'll mention it. Thanks for indulging me.