Tuesday, 2/28/06

Portland's been rescheduled.

Trent's still sick, so tonight's show is postponed until the summer. Sorry to bear the bad news... Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

From The Spiral: "tonight's nine inch nails performance at cumberland county civic center in portland, me is postponed due to illness. in the next few days, we will be announcing a rescheduled date during the upcoming summer tour. please hold onto all tickets as tickets from tonight's show will be honored at the rescheduled performance. we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Halo 21 Release Info @

On April 4, 2006, Nine Inch Nails will release Every Day Is Exactly The Same on a six-track CD, which includes remixes of Only and The Hand That Feeds. has the artwork and track listing, so check it out. Thanks to Chad and Neal Fischer for the early notice.
Monday, 2/27/06

Tonight's NIN show postponed

According to a post at The Spiral, tonight's performance at the Mullins Center in Amherst, MA has been postponed until Friday, March 10, due to illness (or possibly they're still in mourning over the death of Don Knotts). All tickets for tonight will still be honored on that date.
Friday, 2/24/06

Spiral exclusive show in the Cali desert

If you're in the spiral, you got an email today about this show. If you're not, here's one more thing to look forward to if you join up:
nine inch nails are adding an exclusive performance on march 31st, 2006 at the key club at morongo in cabazon, ca. both pre-sale AND general on-sale access to tickets is being made available to spiral members only.

The Key Club at Morongo has a capacity of about 900. And it's Spiral members only. It'll be like a Star Trek convention, or a ham radio users group meetup, but with NIN fans! better sign up for the spiral before tickets go on sale.
Thursday, 2/23/06

Every Day... hits #1 on Modern Rock charts

Several people wrote in to mention that the current NIN single in rotation, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, made it to #1 on the US Modern Rock singles chart. With as much airplay as the song appears to be getting, in conjunction with the current tour, sales of With Teeth have been rising again, which has returned to the Billboard Top 200 charts, and currently sits at position 151, nine months after its US debut.

It's official: Trent Reznor is a hot piece of ass.

According to 102.1 THE EDGE's latest poll, our very own Trent Reznor is beating the crap out of the competition in the "best ass in rock" category. Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone who's witnessed the live performance of "Closer" this time around. If you'd like to show your support for Trent's true talent (and if you were a real fan, you would), go vote!
Tuesday, 2/21/06

If you missed today's front page...

TAOSD has been archiving them. I guess there's not a whole lot more to say there, but I think it's kind of cool that someone else is keeping track of that stuff, and thought maybe you might be interested. Travis Brown continues to kick booty with this site - have a good look around it if you haven't already.

NIN already booking summer shows

EBeast82 posted a link to this article which has NIN returning to The Gorge in Washington to headline the May 26 date of the fifth Sasquatch! Festival. Tickets go on sale March 4, presumably through Ticketbastard.

It was mentioned at a chat with members of The Spiral fan club that NIN would be touring amphitheatres in major US markets this summer, so keep an eye out for more even more NIN shows this year.

What not to do at a NIN show.

April posted a link over on ETS to this review of last night's show in Grand Rapids, MI, that was ended prematurely because some idiot threw a lighter at Trent. You can read more about what happened here and here.
Sunday, 2/19/06

Members of Interpol remix EDIETS

A promo CD has appeared on eBay for Every Day Is Exactly The Same. According to the auction, there are three mixes on the CD - Vocal (4:12), Edit (4:09), and Full (5:03), and they're all by Carlos D and Sam Fogarino of Interpol. And in an oddity notable only to me, really, the CD's coming from York, PA, which is the vortex/town from which I cannot seem to escape. It's not my auction, but maybe I can finagle a listen before it gets shipped out. Do you know what a pain in the neck it is to get new NIN promos in York?

Thanks to Swindley and TerryG for the heads up!

nearLY to perform live..... if you want

An email's been making the rounds lately..... Jerome Dillon was planning on playing a few west-coast gigs, performing music from the nearLY album, reminder, but then there was some corporate restructuring, and the budget for those April gigs has vaporized. If you're into the CD, and if you would like to see a live incarnation, you are being encouraged to email to voice your support.

....and if you downloaded the music and are still listening to it, now would be a good time to pick up a copy of the real thing. Email's helpful, but numbers are all the labels look at anymore, these days.
Thursday, 2/16/06

Only Video Wins Visual Effects Award

The "Only" music video has won an award for Outstanding Visual Effects, from the Visual Effects Society. You can view a full list of the winners here. Thanks to CarLa for sending us the info.

south american nin website gets overhaul

nine inch nails iberoamérica, the largest site on the web for latinamerican fans, has undergone a major upgrade. So if you're a fan of the band living south of los estados unidos, this is probably your best spot for nin info. Spread the word!
Wednesday, 2/15/06

Wij Hebben Closure

Reena and Furie Zacharias have sent us news that the Dutch website has a page up for Closure, listing a release date of April 26, 2006. Meanwhile, this Japanese website has updated their Closure listing to include a somewhat poorly translated description (thanks to Erik Pemberton and draven). We've actually been sitting on this news for a little while, waiting for some kind of more official confirmation about the DVD, but in the meantime, both sites updated to include more information. Who knows if it means anything -- probably not. And as best I can tell the Dutch site is simply listing Closure as a Japanese import.

New front door and picture on

There's a new image on the front page of, as well as in the current section. There was also a new image on the front page last night, but today's is different, so maybe this will be a regular update of sorts. Thanks to all who wrote in.

*edit* Backslider writes in with the following:

Looks like the image will be updated regularly with an image from the city in which they are currently performing. Today's image is of a Locust Street street sign shot from the Des Moines sky walk.
Monday, 2/13/06

The Media Finally Notices That Trent Reznor Looks Like Jack From Lost

It's official. Nickynomad on ETS posted a link to the Quad City Times' hyperbolic review of last night's show in picturesque Moline, Illinois, which, in addition to confirming what Lost fans have been saying for a good while now, describes Trent at various points as a bloodhound, an NBA player, a BASE jumper, and a disgraced samurai.

Sorry, I really couldn't resist. But hell, Saturnine gets to post about CSI all the time.
Sunday, 2/12/06

Tour Photo Book details

nine inch nails tour book 2006One of the new items at the merch tables on this tour is an 80-page, full color tour photo book. Armoror from ETS sent in a fairly large scan of the cover, which you can view by clicking on the thumbnail image in this update.

The book was put together by Rob Sheridan, is all photos (no text), and goes for $25 at the show, though it will probably be available through after the tour, if you can't make it out to a show this time around.
Saturday, 2/11/06

Fan-shot photos from lastnights show

nine inch nails live: with teeth 2006
Drakh on Echoing the Sound took nearly 200 photos at lastnight's show, and uploaded them to his flickr account in batches of sweet, good, and bad. I thought they turned out pretty well, and were worth linking to here, so enjoy. Thanks for the pics, Drakh.
Friday, 2/10/06

WITH_TEETH_2006 kicks off tonight

With their first stop being Champaign, IL, Nine Inch Nails hits the road to play 33 'secondary market' gigs across North America. As we've been doing for the past few tours, we're once again encouraging you to check out the tour journal at echoing the sound -- if you've been to the show, post about your experience, post pictures, show us the new merch, and what songs make the set list.

Also keep an eye out on The Art of Self Destruction's Tour Page, which keeps excellent statistics on what songs are played, how often, and where (Ain't database tables grand?)
Thursday, 2/09/06

Yet another CSI appearance for NIN

amplifiedroar, mclittman and Josh have all just emailed in to let us know that tonight's new episode of CSI: Las Vegas (Season 6, episode 15: Pirates of the Third Reich) featured a clip of "Slipping Away". In a desperate bid to stop spoilers in my inbox (it takes a while for the episodes to "get" to the UK, if you catch my drift), I'm posting this up ASAP (FYI though, this kind of thing is better here). If you're interested in when or where NIN (or any other band, come to think of it) have previously featured in episodes of CSI, here's a neat little site that might help you out.

Thanks guys!


Other folks have emailed in to let us know that part of "The Great Collapse" also featured in Thursday night's episode. Neat.

What's eating Aaron North?

Many have written in to alert us to a new picture on and on NIN's myspace page, taken by Tamar Levine. While I'm at it, Trent has updated his blog. Just a reminder -- if you look to the right of this update, you'll see a little box that automatically updates when Trent updates the blog, and right below that a box that automatically updates with updates to
Wednesday, 2/08/06

Book Series To Review Pretty Hate Machine

Everyone's favorite website for glowing NIN reviews, Pitchfork Media, reports that a new title in the "33 1/3" book series coming out in 2007 or 2008 will be devoted to Pretty Hate Machine. According to the article, the 33 1/3 series is "a collection of short books about beloved (and heavily scrutinized) albums from the last half-century." The book on PHM will be written by Daphne Carr. Thanks to Jake, Beavette, and an anonymous tipster.
Sunday, 2/05/06

Running Scared (from my inbox)

It would seem that the trailer for some exciting new movie entitled Running Scared premiered during the Super Bowl tonight, and this trailer featured the song "The Hand That Feeds" by mope rockers Nine Inch Nails.

By posting this news, I hope to reduce the influx of emails about this to a mere 80 per minute.
Thursday, 2/02/06

The Guys Behind The Curtain

Modul8r posted a link on ETS to this article in Projection, Lights and Staging News, which details all the work that went into designing the incredible lighting effects and set design employed in last year's arena tour. Among other things, the article reveals that "Beside You In Time" was almost dropped from the setlist until the idea was hatched to project shattering glass onto the curtain at the song's conclusion. Anyway, the article's a great read if you enjoyed those aspects of the show as much as I did.

Wes Borland says he could have been in NIN

This isn't really news, but it is somewhat interesting. Frank wrote in with a tidbit taken from the MySpace blog for the band Black Light Burns, in which former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland states he was offered the guitarist slot in both NIN and A Perfect Circle, but decided to give Fred Durst another chance instead.