Thursday February 9, 2006

Yet another CSI appearance for NIN

amplifiedroar, mclittman and Josh have all just emailed in to let us know that tonight's new episode of CSI: Las Vegas (Season 6, episode 15: Pirates of the Third Reich) featured a clip of "Slipping Away". In a desperate bid to stop spoilers in my inbox (it takes a while for the episodes to "get" to the UK, if you catch my drift), I'm posting this up ASAP (FYI though, this kind of thing is better here). If you're interested in when or where NIN (or any other band, come to think of it) have previously featured in episodes of CSI, here's a neat little site that might help you out.

Thanks guys!


Other folks have emailed in to let us know that part of "The Great Collapse" also featured in Thursday night's episode. Neat.