Thursday, 12/22/05

NIN and the Global Gathering music festival

The Miami date of the upcoming NIN tour has them headlining the 2006 Global Gathering Music Fesitval. Jesse and Eddie wrote in to let us know that is selling tickets as of the 20th, $63 pre-sale, with VIP tickets selling at $236 (or maybe $244, depending on the way they handle the 'processing fees').

Sorry for being a little late on the announcement, we were passively waiting for something more official before we posted anything. Being a festival, there are hopefully plenty of tickets to go around.
Tuesday, 12/20/05

Nine Inch Nails makes you stupid

The front page of Something Awful features Nine Inch Nails. In a way. Actually, I think Jed Kirchner just wanted to see his name up here on the NIN Hotline.

He's doing a lot better than that band that supposedly was covering "Something I Can Never Have" for the Underworld 2 Soundtrack, and are now trying to convince us that they're playing a gig with NIN in March. You can stop street teaming us, fans of this band. We're not going to post about them here.
Monday, 12/19/05

Underworld 2: The 2006 Nine Inch Nails-Tapeworm Alumni Reunion

Even though it doesn't have that much to do with Nine Inch Nails, lots of people have written in about the soundtrack for the upcoming romantic comedy Underworld: Evolution, due to hit theaters in January 2006.

Apparently the soundtrack will feature new material from a band called Puscifer, consisting of former NIN bassist Danny Lohner and former Tapeworm collaborator Maynard James Keenan; a remix of a Slipknot song by former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna; and a much-rumored bonus solo track by Lohner called Josh Freese is a Homo. (Okay, so I'm kidding about that last bit. Maybe.) *edit* I am informed by Andrew Stuart that Puscifer is the name of MJK's fake band on Mr. Show many moons ago. I am also informed that Mr. Stuart intends to sodomize my mother, which is simply intolerable.

You can read more about the soundtrack over at, and Amazon is already taking preorders. Thanks to Robert, rluczak, and quasar, among others, for the info.

Katrina PSA's featuring Leaving Hope online

You can now view the Hurricane Katrina Public Service Announcements featuring the Still track Leaving Hope over here. Under "Adults," click on "Having Trouble Coping? Help Is Waiting!" for the English version, or "Estés teniendo problemas enfrentado la situación? Puedes encontrar Ayuda" for the Spanish. Thanks to Starr (Reptileseven) for the info.

Mel Brooks' History of Nine Inch Nails, Part I

A two-part special that ran earlier in May about the entire history of Nine Inch Nails, hosted by Alan Cross, is now online at 102.1 The Edge. Aside from a few minor errors, it's supposedly pretty accurate. Thanks to Shagg187 for writing in.
Sunday, 12/18/05

Leaving Hope to be used in Katrina PSA

A lot of people wrote in with this bit of news. I'll copy and paste from Shagg187's email, which he thanks Harmony for:

The Dec. 17 edition of Billboard says Trent is allowing the use of his song "Leaving Hope" to be used in a PSA for Katrina relief efforts.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

17 December 2005
Copyright 2005, VNU eMedia Inc. All rights reserved.

Grey Worldwide in New York created a handful of hurricane relief public service announcements that launched Dec. 7. While the bulk feature original music, one showcases Nine Inch Nails' "Leaving Hope." Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor gave Grey Worldwide a gratis license for the song's use in this PSA.

Des Moines tickets - p.s. don't bring live bats

Ryan Courter wrote in about getting tickets to the Des Moines show. "A lot of people are wondering how to get the Des Moines IA Tickets because they aren't on sale on Ticketbastard. They are available on Had we known earlier, we would have posted it earlier -- tickets went on sale yesterday.

nearLY already on iTunes

Jason Gardner told me earlier today that Reminder, the album by Jerome Dillon's nearLY project, is available on iTunes, a couple days ahead of the release date for the CD. You can follow that link to preview the tracks, purchase the album for $9.99. Thanks for the heads up Jason.
Saturday, 12/17/05

iZotope interviews Atticus Ross

James Stowger has persisently informed us that an interview with the one and only Atticus Ross may be read here. Thanks James.
Thursday, 12/15/05

Audiohead interviews Jerome Dillon

As you know by now, Jerome Dillon's nearLY is releasing an album titled "reminder" on December 20th. In doing the rounds, he (and co-producer Brett Pierce) talked with our buddy Steph at Audiohead, where they talk about the more technical aspects of recording the new album, and what's in store for Mr. Dillon in the future. Check it out.
Monday, 12/12/05

Jed the Fish interviews Trent Reznor.

During KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas, KROQ personality Jed The Fish had a sit down with Trent Reznor, where the two of them mused on Fallout Boy, Ass Whore and Vagina Patterson. Not one to let an important interview like this slip into the ether, I've transcribed it for you.

Closer to Closure?

Saif read Chad Michael Ward's livejournal, where Mr. Ward talks about finalizing work on the Closure DVD. To quote:
I THINK it's official, so I'm going to spill the beans here:

I'll be doing the DVD re-issue of Nine Inch Nails' 1997 Closure documentary and music video collection which, up until now, had only been available in VHS format.

95% of the work is already done, as I started it as a spec project almost a year ago. Right now, I'm just fleshing out some of the screens and adding more material provided by Interscope.


Right now, I'm just doing the menu design. However, there's a good chance I may be doing the cover art as well. I've already actually designed the cover, but I dunno if they'll use it or not.

Keep in mind, in every experience we've had to date, no one really knows anything about the Closure DVD. The original publisher for the VHS tried to put out a DVD years ago, there were pictures of the DVD in the packaging at of all places, and that fizzled. posted a trailer with release information, then that fizzled (Thanks a lot John Malm <3) So to this news, apply salt as necessary.

Finally, if you want to learn more about Chad, visit his website,
Saturday, 12/10/05

Almost Acoustic Webcast

Jason, theruiner, shelly, and faulkner wrote in to let us know that The KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas is being webcast on (and also on the Spiral) in 56kbps, 100kbps and 300kbps streaming video. That's tonite, and NIN will be performing around 8:30pm PST, which is a little after 11pm EST. Enjoy!
Friday, 12/09/05

NIN to play Milwaukee Club on 2/11?

amanda sent a link to The Rave's website, where they announce a "Special Rare Club Performance" at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee by Nine Inch Nails on February 11th, between the two Illinois tour dates. This isn't listed on at the moment, but The Rave seem to be pretty sure of what they've booked. We'll let you know if we learn anything more about this date. Thanks amanda!
Thursday, 12/08/05

NIN gets Grammy Nomination for THTF

Nine Inch Nails has earned a Grammy nomination for "Best Hard Rock Performance" for The Hand That Feeds. A complete list of nominations can be found here. Yippy. I should add that our own hardcore U2 fan "Meathead" is quite pleased with the other nominations.
Tuesday, 12/06/05


Girls on the internet keep telling me that Alex Carapetis got the boot this week, and Josh Freese has returned to the drummer's throne for (at least) the next few shows.

We anticipate an inevitable upcoming Alex Carapetis side project with guest vocalists, but watch out for those year-or-two delays that kick in after you wrap up your record, Alex, labels sometimes say one thing and then fold.

(Alex Carapetis isn't really planning this, to our knowledge, but it seems to be the thing to do when you're in his spot.)

p.s. I stole this headline from Cliff.
Monday, 12/05/05

NIN revisits metropolitan Nebraska

Jim and Flacidity both wrote in with news that NIN are playing the Pershing Center in Nebraska on February 17. Tickets are $39.50 (subject to additional fees) and go on sale this Friday, December 9 at 10 a.m., via Ticketmaster.
Sunday, 12/04/05

Rumors and Innuendo

UPDATE: Paul Stermer & ParabolLateralis sent in the following links that seem to confirm an Oklahoma City show: the Ford Center of Oklahoma City, which is the supposed venue, and Clear Channel Entertainment. Now all we need is the update, and we can breathe easy.

Quite a few people have emailed to let us know that the Oklahoma City radio station 947 The Buzz has announced a tour date for NIN that hasn't been confirmed by From The Buzz's Calendar page:
Concert: 94.7 The Buzz Presents Nine Inch Nails
Featuring: Nine Inch Nails
Special Guest: TBD
Location: The Ford Center
Date: Tuesday March 28TH, 2006.
Doors: Open @ 6:30 PM
Time: Begins @ 7:30 PM
Tickets: On Sale 12/9 @ WWW.PACECONCERT.COM
By Phone: 1-405-235-8288
* This Is An All Ages Show *

We've also been told that has a North Little Rock, AR show listed for 3-21-2006, with an on sale date of this Friday, December 9th. Neither of these shows have been announced on the official website, so take this info on a wait and see basis. Keep an eye on the RSS feed for any further information. Thanks to everyone for letting us know.
Friday, 12/02/05

2006 North American Tour Dates

Our more perceptive readers will have noticed that the RSS feed has announced the update of new tour dates on's performance page. The dates so far are for the midwest and eastern U.S. and Canada, including the rumored date previously announced here.

On a related note, The Standard has been announced as the opening act for the 12-8-05 show in Reno, NV. So far, the opening acts for the remaining North American shows are TBA.

Coil album finally released

Michel de Nostra sent a link to Threshold House's listing of The Ape of Naples, featuring 11 songs 'recorded in final days of Jhonn's life, as well as material originally recorded at Trent Reznor's studio in New Orleans, and now substantially re-arranged by Peter Christopherson.'

This contains material that was to have been released nearly ten years ago on Nothing Records as "Backwards," retitled "The World Ended a Long Time Ago" in 2001.

A super deluxe limited-to-23-copies vinyl edition is also in the works, with art hand-made by Ian Johnstone, whose artwork graces the cover of the CD version of The Ape of Naples.

"Every Day..." promo on eBay

Every Day is Exactly the SameIt looks like the first copy of the Every Day Is Exactly the Same promo has made it's way to eBay. The auction includes a picture of the slimline, one-track promo, and will no doubt go for lots and lots of money, even though dozens of copies of the same CD will also end up on eBay.

The appearance of this promo CD is a pretty good sign that the song is being sent to radio stations, and that perhaps we'll be seeing a video to promote the release. When we get better images, we'll be sure to post them for you, if doesn't beat us to the punch.

Thanks to TerryG for the link
Thursday, 12/01/05

February tour date in Maine

News is a little slow, so I'm going to ignore my 'no rumors' rule and post information that Nate King sent in today. This is apparently going to be officially announced tomorrow, so says Mr. King:

Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME
Tuesday February 28th, 2006