Jed the Fish interviews Trent Reznor

By Jed the Fish for KROQ on December 10, 2005

JtF: This is Jedd the Fish, backstage at Acoustic Christmas with Trent Reznor, KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2005. Have you heard any really good bands, any really good new stuff, lately? Do you like Fallout Boy?

TR: I've, I'm not even aware of who they are --

JtF: Oh! *wheeze*

TR: Except I saw them for a minute on the way over here.

JtF: Oh, I see. Avenge Sevenfold?

TR: No, I dont.

JtF: Nada Surf, you haven't heard of any of these bands?

TR: Nada Surf, I remember them from a while ago

JtF: Yeah, yeah...

TR: They've re-emerged?

JtF: Like, from about 15 years, they've come out of the chrysalis again. Uh, is there anybody you like?

TR: The band we took out on the road with us is really my favorite band right now, Autolux, from here, in L.A.

JtF: Yah I have the same pilates instructor as the drummer!

TR: You do!

JtF: Let me ask you one... more important thing. This is a little unusual, so go with me on this. What if your name was "Ass Whore"?

TR: My name, or my band name?

JtF: No, what if your name was "Ass Whore"?

TR: If it was "Ass Whore." Well, you just have to roll with it, you know what I mean? What if your name was, uh... say, "Vagina Patterson"?

JtF: *laughter* Well, what if your name was "Testicle Tonsels?"

TR: See, you could shorten that down to T.T.

JtF: *laughter* Thanks for being at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 2005, I gotta tell ya [everybody at KROQ loves you]

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