Thursday, 9/30/04

Marilyn Manson

Since this is primarily a site for NIN news, we don't normally report on the things Marilyn Manson does in his day-to-day life, but since news is slow lately, here are a few not-so-terribly-important Marilyn Manson related news droppings that also pertain in some degree to NIN:
Marilyn Manson responds to recent posts about him on by Reznor in the latest Rolling Stone:
What musician has been the biggest asshole toward you?
If I were the kind of person to be insulted by petty things, I would be insulted by the way Trent Reznor has acted since I moved from Nothing Records [Reznor's label] on to Interscope.
I was at Madison Square Garden when you two kissed and made up a few years ago. What happened after that?
Since then, he's made remarks that I don't care to respond to. And as long as I'm paying his bills, he should be respectful of me.

"James" informs us that a Marilyn Manson interview on the radio station DC101 has confirmed that former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna will be playing on Manson's upcoming "Against All Gods" tour.
That is all.
Saturday, 9/25/04


As if it weren't badass enough that Ministry was bringing Jello Biafra on board for several west coast tour dates - you know, so they could play some Lard tracks - We got an email from a fellow named Brad that says "Tonight, 9/25/2004, Los Angeles, House of Blues. Trent with Ministry singing Supernaught. Thats All."
This is apparently from Ministry's booking agent. Is Brad being hopeful or prescient? Show's in a couple hours, I think, so we'll know later tonight.
In case you didn't know, Supernaut is a song by Black Sabbath that 1,000 Homo DJs covered - originally with Trent Reznor on vocals. Apparently due to a tizzy with TVT Records, Al Jourgensen had to remove the Reznor vocal track and dub his own vocal take. Nonetheless, the original edit was soon found on bootlegs, and only officially was released on the TVT "Black Box" boxed set.
Tuesday, 9/21/04

Curl up with a good book

Well it's about time that the worlds of the 'King of Horror' and the 'Prince of Darkness' met. Over the past couple days many of our readers have let us know that lyrics from Reznor's 'Hurt' are used in Stephen King's new novel 'The Dark Tower VII'. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of 'The Dark Tower VII'. If you haven't already- get all the books. It's a great series!
Here's a great fan run website dedicated to the series:
Happy Birthday to The Fragile and Stephen King!

They grow up so fast

The Fragile turns 5 years old today! Everybody make sure and wish it a happy birthday.
Tuesday, 9/14/04

Moog: A Documentary on Dr. Robert Moog

I once had the pleasure of sitting a couple of seats across from Bob Moog at the Charlotte, NC Nine Inch Nails show. I'm not normally the type to ask for autographs, but I asked him to sign the back of my ticket stub, which he did in a most humble fashion, seeming almost confused that someone would want his signature.
Those of you who aren't synth geeks probably don't know that Bob Moog is considered by many to be the father of the modern performance synthesizer. Where you may have heard the name as a NIN fan: On the Fragility tour, Charlie Clouser made heavy use of the Big Briar Etherwave Theremin -- signed by Bob Moog. It's been said that most of the bass on Pretty Hate Machine was produced on the legendary Minimoog synth.
ZU33 has been working on a Moog documentary for some time now, titled simply moog, which is hitting select theatres over the next few months, and gets worldwide release in Spring of '05. You can watch the Quicktime trailer by clicking here.
Along with this documentary is the soundtrack to moog, which features original tracks by Charlie Clouser ("I am a Spaceman"), Meat Beat Manifesto ("Unavailable Memory"), Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins, Tortoise, Devo, Luke Vibert, Gary Numan, New Order, They Might be Giants, and of course, The Moog Cookbook. The soundtrack just came out today on Hollywood Records, so if you're a synth geek of any caliber, you should check it out.
Thanks to howisya for telling me about this last year.
(p.s. - Mozilla Firefox v1.0 preview release was just put out today. If you don't use Firefox by now, you really should. And when you've downloaded it, hook yourself up with new extensions for it)

"We Want It All" Available on iTunes

Those of you who would prefer to hear a higher-quality version of the new Zack de la Rocha song "We Want It All" may now do so, as it is now available for purchase on iTunes.
Also, the Meathead Perspective was updated today.
Sunday, 9/12/04

New Zack Track

"hurtfrog" informs us that former Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha has a new track on a compilation CD inspired by the film Fahrenheit 9/11. The track is called "We Want It All", and can be listened to here. According to the website, the track was produced by NIN guy Trent Reznor, who as you may recall was to produce his yet-to-surface debut solo album.
Thursday, 9/09/04

Some days are just bad days

The Nine Inch Nails website updated tonite:
"we are entering the final stage of the record. we said our goodbyes and decided to head west, indefinitely. needs change, vans roll over, modular synthesizers meet the desert sand... but life goes on."
This, accompanied by a photo of a van filled with gear and rolled into Arizona sands. Crappy.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Blabbermouth posted an update about Josh Freese contributing to Wes Borland's solo album. Well, in the new photos uploaded today, it appears that Danny Lohner's still helming the computers at this gig.
Monday, 9/06/04

SickAmongthePure :: September.2004

The September issue of SickAmongthePure is live, in case you didn't already know. This month SATP features original interviews with goth rockers Bella Morte and Human Aftertaste (we know, not really Nothing related, but just too damn hilarious to pass up), examine the UFO debate, and even inspire the legendary Meathead! Check it out.