Thursday September 30, 2004

Marilyn Manson

Since this is primarily a site for NIN news, we don't normally report on the things Marilyn Manson does in his day-to-day life, but since news is slow lately, here are a few not-so-terribly-important Marilyn Manson related news droppings that also pertain in some degree to NIN:

Marilyn Manson responds to recent posts about him on nin.com by Reznor in the latest Rolling Stone:

What musician has been the biggest asshole toward you?
If I were the kind of person to be insulted by petty things, I would be insulted by the way Trent Reznor has acted since I moved from Nothing Records [Reznor's label] on to Interscope.

I was at Madison Square Garden when you two kissed and made up a few years ago. What happened after that?
Since then, he's made remarks that I don't care to respond to. And as long as I'm paying his bills, he should be respectful of me.

"James" informs us that a Marilyn Manson interview on the radio station DC101 has confirmed that former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna will be playing on Manson's upcoming "Against All Gods" tour.

That is all.