Saturday, 3/30/02

Two new shirts available at Object Merch

Object Merch is offering two new Halo Seventeen T-shirts. Each shirt retails at an affordable price of only $16.99. Visit the Object Merch website for further details. Thanks to everyone who sent in that bit!
Wednesday, 3/27/02

Did somebody say Tapeworm?

Nine Inch Nails' website updated today with a photograph of Trent Reznor (sporting a Coil shirt, woo!), Danny Lohner, and Maynard James Keenan. The other fellow appears to be Atticus Ross, of 12 Rounds. There's also a pad of paper on the mixing desk, but the contents have been photoshopped out. A sign of good things to come!
Wednesday, 3/27/02

Alan Moulder article in Apple, Clouser update has a very informative article on Alan Moulder. It covers his recent and upcoming projects as well as what he likes to use in the studio. Thanks to Johnny and dyslexia.
Apartment 26 confirmed today to TRF that Charlie Clouser recorded a couple of songs with the band. It is still unknown if these tracks will be released on their upcoming album, tentatively titled "Detachment". Jason Slater (Snake River Conspiracy/Revenge Of The Triads) and Troy Van Leeuwen (A Perfect Circle/Revenge Of The Triads) were also involved in the preliminary stages of work for the record.

Opiate For The Masses is also in studio recording four new songs with Charlie Clouser. These four songs, along with two older Opiate songs Charlie is remixing, will be released on a new EP available within the next few months. Keep checking TRF "News" section for further information. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.
Sunday, 3/24/02

Meathead remix of Tweaker track online

Pre-empting the upcoming Tweaker fan remix-a-thon, meathead assembled a remix of Microsize Boy by Tweaker, the solo project by former NIN drummer and remixing fiend, Chris Vrenna. You can download the remix off the official Tweaker website, on the MP3 page there. Check it out :)
Friday, 3/22/02

Russian AATCHB DVD Release Information

Adding to the swell of information about releases of Halo Seventeen abroad, Quasar sends word of the Russian release of AATCHB, available for 1122 Russian roubles (approx. $36 USD). Thanks a bunch, Quasar :)

March Sick Among the Pure online!

To wrap up this slacking, I'm posting about Sick Among the Pure's latest update, some two weeks after it happened. My apologies to the folks over there for the delay. Anyhow, this month's a little scant compared to some of the earlier issues - but why don't you do something about that! After checking out SATP this month, test your literary mettle and send them something publishable. We could use more stuff like this around here, right? Anyhow, thanks to Drew and Amy for sending notice of the update, my apologies for taking so long to spread the word!

Resident Evil gets its Fist Fuck on

Art, Brandino, 9Tries, and Mitchell all wrote in to point out that the Fixed remix of Wish, Fist Fuck, makes a few brief appearances in the new zombie flick based off the video game series, Resident Evil.
Also of possible interest, Resident Evil was scored by Marilyn Manson, although originally Clint Mansell was selected to score the film. The movie's worth checking out - while most video game movies suck really hard, this one actually had me walking away satisfied. A good zombie flick, regardless of if you've played the games, and you don't have to know anything about the game to enjoy this movie.

Deluxe AATCHB available abroad

We've been getting word filtering in this past week about domestic releases of And All That Could Have Been double-disc sets finally making production in various parts of the world. Shane Hendrix wrote from Brisbane with the news that it is out and has been distributed in Australia, with prices ranging from $58-$70 Australian dollars. John Greenwood and Syrecius also wrote of the Aussie release.
manic-nirvana wrote from Poland to inform us that stores over there are now carrying a European printing of the Deluxe edition on March 18th, and the primary differences between the EU version and the US version include thicker paper for the inlay, and apparently the right angles aren't perfect on the box, but rightly blames Universal for that blunder.

New Halo Seventeen T-shirt on Object Merch

Based on the packaging for the Deluxe edition double-CD set, a new tshirt is available from object for And All That Could Have Been. The shirt is charcoal gray with a high density NIN logo on the front. Thanks to the webmaster from for sending in the link.
Thursday, 3/14/02

The Making of..

Nine Inch Nails : The Making of Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral has an expected release date through on April 2, 2002. You can pre-order an advanced copy of it here. Most of the information given on interview discs or biographical books can be found online in our archive section.
Thanks to Pascal for sending the news in!
Monday, 3/11/02

NIN featured on

Well, again, things were busy, no one got around to posting this in time, but last week Nine Inch Nails was featured on (treading on meathead and my turf, heh) linking to streaming copies of Head Like a Hole (live), in MP3, RealVideo, and Windows Media formats. Click here to see the NIN site on Thanks to NIN HOTLINE GURL from Oxygenfad, Justin from Son Of rust, Matt Keys, and ChaosFactorNine.

Rolling Stone/AATCHB Contest

All kinds of giveaways this week. We've been getting a lot of emails, but have been pretty busy and are a little slow in posting this week. The next in the chain of catch-up emails is about this contest at I didn't want to tell you about it, because I sure would like Panasonic DynaMovie DVD Home Theater Sound System, but I'm sure you would too, so click on that link up there and enter. You're also eligible to win the live DVD & CD by entering. Thanks go out to Xshock, Patricia, and everyone else who sent that news in!

TR Interview Clips from The New Music

The New Music interviewed Trent in his studio in New Orleans, and at the link listed prior, you can find some snippets that were excluded from the MuchMusic segment. Thanks to Deadpool5, Roy M., and Viktor L. - who added that you can win a copy of the NIN DVD/CD by emailing and completing this line: 'My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore...'
Winners will be notified by email - there are two copies of the DVD and 3 copies of the CD being awarded. Enjoy!

Attn: Musicians - new NIN/digidesign contest

Many thanks to noire for pointing this one out - is holding a contest in cooperation with EQ Magazine, MusicPlayer, and Digidesign! By entering the contest, you entered to win one of two prizes - First prize being the new Digidesign Mbox USB MIDI/Audio interface + the AATCHB DVD (Dolby 5.1 edition). Second place gets a copy of the deluxe edition of AATCHB.
Monday, 3/04/02

Missed your chance to see AATCHB?

Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been is being featured in its entirety on DIRECTV this month. The listings are as follows:
FREE on Channel 103
Every day from March 1st-March 7th (24/7)
Plus Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11pm-6am ET starting March 8th
Thanks to all who submitted the info!
Friday, 3/01/02 Update

The official Nine Inch Nails site mentions an upcoming episode of the new music will feature an interview with Trent at his home studio in New Orleans. It will be aired March 11th at 9pm est on MuchMusic(USA/Canada). Thanks Dan.