Wednesday March 27, 2002

Alan Moulder article in Apple, Clouser update

Apple.com has a very informative article on Alan Moulder. It covers his recent and upcoming projects as well as what he likes to use in the studio. Thanks to Johnny and dyslexia.

Apartment 26 confirmed today to TRF that Charlie Clouser recorded a couple of songs with the band. It is still unknown if these tracks will be released on their upcoming album, tentatively titled "Detachment". Jason Slater (Snake River Conspiracy/Revenge Of The Triads) and Troy Van Leeuwen (A Perfect Circle/Revenge Of The Triads) were also involved in the preliminary stages of work for the record.

Opiate For The Masses is also in studio recording four new songs with Charlie Clouser. These four songs, along with two older Opiate songs Charlie is remixing, will be released on a new EP available within the next few months. Keep checking TRF "News" section for further information. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.