Tuesday, 11/26/02

Happy Thanksgiving

The TNH staff would like to wish our visitors a Happy Thanksgiving. Save room for pie...
Over on the Digital Noise forums there is a post from Evan at SLS. He may reopen his ikonboard in the near future (and perhaps the news portion as well??).
Remix friends of Danny Lohner have a new EP out. Visit Hefty Records to check out Telefon Tel Aviv's latest that includes a first ever vocal composition, demo material and more. TTA's next full length album is due out sometime next year.
Friday, 11/22/02

The Past

If you head over to the Tweaker forums you can check out some of Chris Vrenna's old NIN pics and other miscellaneous collected items. More scans will be posted in the future.
Friday, 11/22/02

Have you voted yet?

For the DotMusic awards, of course! We're trying to pool our resources this year. Rather than asking you to vote for the NIN Hotline, we think you should send your votes in for Painful Convictions, because. So if you haven't already voted for your favorite music fan site, click here and see if we can make a bigger dent than last year. Three days to go!
Thursday, 11/21/02

Submit Nothing News to (digital noise)

We receive a wide range of submissions from people, and a lot of them don't really deal with what we try to stick to. We report NIN news, and we're even kind of picky about what we post - even though that drives some people nuts. But we generally avoid posting Nothing related news, as we leave that to Seems Like Salvation. However, having not updated in several months, we thought we would point out that Digital Noise has expanded well beyond the message board it began as. If you're looking for news on Prick, Manson, 12 Rounds, Coil, and many other Nothing related bands, or if you've got news about said bands, send a copy over to, and help them keep the ball rolling.

The NIN Hotline Store

You may have noticed a new addition to the navigation menu here over the past month or so, that being The NIN Hotline store. This is a link to a customized online merch store that is run by, formerly We've partnered with Goodrock for several reasons.
Firstly, they're cheaper than any other place where you could pick up merchandise, and everything they sell is official. Partnering with them has not raised prices, which have consistently been the lowest I've ever seen since I first found CDsquare several years ago.
Second, they're very considerate of the desires of fan pages as well as their customers. They didn't ask for any flashy banner ads, generally don't ask for anything except a link. In running this site, I've strayed from any affiliations or the like, because I have seen that affect pages in several negative ways, and it comes off as tacky. However, these guys are very respectable, I've always liked them.
Third, honestly it'll help pay the bills. We don't get a whole lot of commission from each sale, but every little bit helps. So if you're looking to pick up a shirt, you're not going to find it cheaper than here, and you'll be helping us out too. Anyway, check it out, if you haven't already.

German NIN Forum

Another forum worth mentioning in the wake of recent forum closings: though Nils from Naegel Mit Koepfen may have put most of the site on hold, but NMK's NIN Forum is alive and kicking. Just make sure you are fluent in Deutsch if you plan to visit regularly. Update

Somewhat Broken posted on the echoingthesound forum that has changed its design. Currently there is nothing there except a link to the Access d-board and the NIN logo. Stay tuned there will be more to come...
Friday, 11/15/02

Echoing The Sound - New NIN Community

Spawned in the wake of the closing of SeemsLikeSalvation Forums, Echoing has been created by several prominent members of that board. If you haven't already nestled down in another forum and aren't completely jaded by SLS forums surprise closing, check out this place. Right now it's pretty straightforward, but laden with all sorts of new options. It's already got a pretty good start, and if you've ever wanted to be a forum glutton, now's a good time to begin.
Monday, 11/11/02

TR To Appear on Another VH-1 Countdown Special

Nine Inch Nails frontman (and total hottie) Trent Reznor has apparently made VH-1's exclusive list of "Rock's Most Eligible Bachelors," which will air tonight and all through next week. "Industry insiders" will gossip openly about Trent's private personal life, as well as those of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Hey, wouldn't tonight be a great night to go out and see a movie?
Thanks to everyone and their grandmothers who sent along this info.
Edit: Apparently some people were quite distraught that Trent did not appear on their TVs Monday night. According to the VH-1 website, the program will air on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Sorry for the mix-up. Really.
Tuesday, 11/05/02 is up

Not completely, however. Check it out though, the legendary supersite is motioning towards a rebirth. I was supposed to put together a graphic for this back in September, but I couldn't come up with anything decent, and I was having computer troubles to boot, and didn't finish anything that I felt was worthy (Eek, sorry Keith!) Briefly, from the site:
We are looking for a variety of people with different interests and talents, but above all else, a willingness to challenge themselves to forward thinking development.
I highly encourage you to contact SUS and help with what will probably end up being a really great site (again). is down **update**

Considering how much traffic the forums there get, and how all of that traffic is hitting a dead server, it's probably appropriate to note that the forums at are down for reasons no one is quite sure of. The SLS News page, which is hosted on, is still up and running, but as many have noted, hasn't been updated in months.
Evan just got in touch with me -- as I suspected, due to the immense amount of traffic the site was receiving, he had to close down the server. The price of popularity runs high, and in that case, it was beginning to run $300/mo for the amount of bandwidth he was running up at Tierranet.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Matt Miller at If so, please tell him I'd like to speak with him, thanks. :)
Feeling lost? Have something to say, but nowhere to say it? You may want to look at a few other boards to convene in, to fill this new void:
(digital noise) forums - probably the most thematically similar board, with forums for nothing records artists as well as four general chat sections.
Perfect Isolation @ - One of the longest running NIN message board communities. Activity occurs primarily within one forum, so it's a bit different from how things run at SLS. But you're running with a good crowd here. forums - Okay, so it's not really a NIN forum, or even a nothing records forum, but it's a cool place worth mentioning nonetheless. Especially if you are tired of the Ikonboard format ;) forums - running PHPBB, this board was gone for a little while and has recently reopened, and so it still has a fresh feeling to the community.
Burning Souls Forum is currently offline, but when it's online, it's another bustling community you should check out.
Sunday, 11/03/02

News to note

The official Jerome Dillon site has been updated with new pictures. Thanks to siegeskater.
Doom III News:
Doom III alpha version leaked. The E3 version hit the internet on Friday. ID knows and action is being taken. We here at TNH would rather see a full version at release time as the company intended it to be seen. Why ruin the fun!?
Bowie News:
Two hour Biography about David Bowie on A & E airing Monday, November 4 at 9 PM Eastern and Sunday, November 10 at 5 PM Eastern. Trent Reznor will be among those interviewed. Thanks to Emily and all those that sent this in.
Travis sent (quite a few times!)that two formerly out of print David Bowie remixes by Trent Reznor are now back in print on compilations. The latest one is "I'm Afraid of Americans" (v.1) which is on the best of bowie. XFM in the UK released their second compilation of remixes/bootlegs. It contains the alt. mix of "Heart's Filthy Lesson" by Trent which is out of print. Thanks Trav!
Saturday, 11/02/02

Stop The Presses: NIN Music on TV Show

Last night on the hit CBS show, CSI, two Nine Inch Nails songs were used as background music. Both tracks, off of 1999's The Fragile, were not remixed, and only a portion of the song was played. The songs were; Just Like you Imagined and The Mark Has Been Made. Thanks to everyone who sent in the overwhelming amount of email regarding this incident.

Robin Finck site

Robin now has an official site and he's left his fans a cool letter. Check it out here. You can also sign up for a mailing list.
Thanks to Zumbi for the secret link found on the red part of the letter drawing. It reveals a picture of Robin.