Tuesday November 5, 2002

seemslikesalvation.com is down **update**

Considering how much traffic the forums there get, and how all of that traffic is hitting a dead server, it's probably appropriate to note that the forums at SeemsLikeSalvation.com are down for reasons no one is quite sure of. The SLS News page, which is hosted on nineinchnails.net, is still up and running, but as many have noted, hasn't been updated in months.

Evan just got in touch with me -- as I suspected, due to the immense amount of traffic the site was receiving, he had to close down the server. The price of popularity runs high, and in that case, it was beginning to run $300/mo for the amount of bandwidth he was running up at Tierranet.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Matt Miller at nineinchnails.net? If so, please tell him I'd like to speak with him, thanks. :)

Feeling lost? Have something to say, but nowhere to say it? You may want to look at a few other boards to convene in, to fill this new void:

(digital noise) forums - probably the most thematically similar board, with forums for nothing records artists as well as four general chat sections.
Perfect Isolation @ 9inchnails.com - One of the longest running NIN message board communities. Activity occurs primarily within one forum, so it's a bit different from how things run at SLS. But you're running with a good crowd here.
Tweaker.net forums - Okay, so it's not really a NIN forum, or even a nothing records forum, but it's a cool place worth mentioning nonetheless. Especially if you are tired of the Ikonboard format ;)
9inchnails.net forums - running PHPBB, this board was gone for a little while and has recently reopened, and so it still has a fresh feeling to the community.
Burning Souls Forum is currently offline, but when it's online, it's another bustling community you should check out.