Thursday, 8/30/01

Comprehensive NIN dictionary at

Check out this serious undertaking! Painful Convictions ( went live with their Nine Inch Nails dictionary this month. It's pretty massive, including links to song lyrics, mug shots of people involved with and related to NIN, extending information and lyrics for various songs and albums... it covers a lot of ground, and is well worth browsing. Check it out!
Tuesday, 8/28/01

Tidbit on future Doom game release

From regarding Doom III:
"As befits the Doom universe, gamers should expect rocket launchers, zombies, demons and Trent Reznor. I'm pretty sure Trent fits into one of those other categories but he's a nice enough fellow to be listed on his own. To fill out the potential of Trent's music (and to keep you wetting your pants at every turn) the game should also support 5.1 surround sound." Thanks Neal.

More Tweaker

Clips of all songs from the new Tweaker (Chris Vrenna) release, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, are available at CDnow. Fans can listen to 30+ second clips of the tracks and pre-order the album as well. Thanks to Brent.

Sunday, 8/26/01

Sad News

R&B star Aaliyah was killed when her plane went down in the Bahamas on Saturday. The young and fantastically talented singer/actress was a friend of NIN and an admirer of their music. As you know from past updates she had wanted to collaborate with Trent. Please take some time to visit these websites to learn more about her career and remember Aaliyah. She will be greatly missed by the music community and fans.
News item sent in by Adam.
Saturday, 8/25/01

Carson newsletter mentions NIN DVD

From the David Carson August newsletter:
David's currently working out of his Malibu office, and will be going to New Orleans later this month to continue working on the new dvd and live cd project with Nine Inch Nails.
Thanks to Craig.
Thursday, 8/23/01

CC Foetus remix update

The official Foetus website has all info concerning the upcoming Foetus remix album (feat. C. Clouser's remix of "Quick Fix"). Go here for release dates, cover, tracklist, liner notes and more. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan. More info on CC can be found at the Remix Files.
Thursday, 8/23/01

Closer Ranked as Filthy Song

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (at least the Australian version) ranked Closer as one of the top 50 filthiest songs ever. Pop star Eminem is on the cover. The magazine cites the chorus of the song as the reasoning behind it's ranking. Woo.
Monday, 8/20/01

Reznor on Panel to Judge Best Shortlist Album

Trent Reznor, along with a panel of 15 other musicians, producers and journalists, will be judging albums that sold less than Gold certification (500,000 copies) this year for the Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement.
The panel will chose ten nominees for the Shortlist award, and decide a winner of the Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement by October 30th. Other artists on the panel include Beck, Mos Def, Macy Grey, and Dave Grohl, along with producers and writers from the LA Times, Rolling Stone and URB. Each panelist chooses a list of five albums of thier own, and this list is then melted down to ten albums overall by the group of panelists.
The awards were created by a MCA records Vice President, and they hope to throw a concert on Haloween featuring artists nominated along with listmakers. No word has come through as to whether the artists individual lists will be made public.
Source: News Article

For Vrenna fans

At the David Sylvian site you can take a peek at the artwork for the upcoming Tweaker project(Chris Vrenna) single Linoleum. The single's release is slated for August 21 and the full album , The Attraction To All Things Uncertain, September 18. You may listen to a clip of Linoleum at CDnow. Thanks Nodie and Brent.

Interview about the creation of The Fragile

There is a brief interview at Musician's Friend with Trent Reznor, Robin Finck and Danny Lohner which discusses the making of The Fragile. Take some time and give it a read! Thanks to Jim.
Monday, 8/13/01

Peruse the ever-evolving ninternet

Even while news on any upcoming releases from the band remains quiet, nine inch nails fansites continue to evolve, grow, and sprout from new talent on the 'net. If you haven't visited our links section in a while, you may want to take a look at some of the pages currently in rotation. If you think the links are too familiar, and have a nice site you think should be linked - tell me about it. Otherwise, check out the sites there, and be sure to drop a note to the person who runs the site you like, and let them know.
Saturday, 8/11/01

Trent Reznor On-board for Doom3 project?

Fans of nine inch nails and idSoftware's ground-breaking 3d titles can rejoice! It's just been reported on that id has a verbal agreement with Trent Reznor to do the music for DooM 3. What does this mean exactly? It means the agreement could change, and nothing could happen at all. However, Trent is admittedly a video game addict and has expressed interest in scoring the new DooM title. A few of you might remember a picture from the Fragility v2.0 archive on of John Carmack (lead programmer of idSoftware) and Trent. There's more to come on this as it develops.
Wednesday, 8/08/01

Vote at the dot music awards

Once again, is taking peoples choice votes for the best music sites out there. This site didn't really make a run for it last year, but this time around, why not? To vote for the NIN Hotline, all you have to do is click on the blinky pink button here to the left. To vote for any other site, fill out that site's details in this form. Voting in the dot music awards enters you to win a nice Technics stereo, so take a minute and vote for your favorite music site! We'll have more NIN news as it comes along, but sometimes you just get quiet weeks :)
Wednesday, 8/01/01

CC comments on Fuji

If you visit The Remix Files News section here you can read Charlie Clouser's thoughts concerning the Fuji Festival. More updates and pictures will be posted by Morpheus TechnoPagan soon.
Wednesday, 8/01/01

August Issue of Sick Among The Pure Online

The latest issue of Sick Among The Pure is now available. This month features a review of Industrial Radio and marks the debut of The Sanctuary, an entire section devoted to reader submissions such as opinion essays, poetry, and art. Definitely worth checking out, so go now!

12 Rounds works with TR and "Rave" in the Studio

According to, the official website, 12 Rounds has just wrapped up some work in Nothing Studios with Trent and Dave "Rave" Ogilvie for their next release on Nothing Records. Also mentioned was Trent finishing up some NIN work with Alan Moulder. Finally, to seal the package, there's 3 photos of them all working together - This can be found in the current section of