Monday August 20, 2001

Reznor on Panel to Judge Best Shortlist Album

Trent Reznor, along with a panel of 15 other musicians, producers and journalists, will be judging albums that sold less than Gold certification (500,000 copies) this year for the Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement.

The panel will chose ten nominees for the Shortlist award, and decide a winner of the Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement by October 30th. Other artists on the panel include Beck, Mos Def, Macy Grey, and Dave Grohl, along with producers and writers from the LA Times, Rolling Stone and URB. Each panelist chooses a list of five albums of thier own, and this list is then melted down to ten albums overall by the group of panelists.

The awards were created by a MCA records Vice President, and they hope to throw a concert on Haloween featuring artists nominated along with listmakers. No word has come through as to whether the artists individual lists will be made public.

Source: Sonicnet.com News Article