Tuesday, 10/30/01

DVD/VHS/CD Cover Art has updated with the cover art for the DVD/VHS/CD.
Also, the release date has officially been pushed back to January 22, 2002 (as previously mentioned) due to production delays in the DVD mastering process.
Thanks to Jeff and noire for the heads up!

Japan DVD update, Euro & Japan CD info

Though the DVD has been pushed back due to manufacturing delays beyond anyone's control, we're still getting a lot of interesting mail as the release approaches.
First order of news, coming Commy of The Perfect Drug, courtesy her readers who sent this in (thanks a bunch to Eridiru, Kajimoto, and Nakko!) In Japan, the CD for And All That Could Have Been is slated for a December 19th release. It is set to have an extra disk, just as the US release is, though there's no specific details as to what is on that disc. All we know is the Japanese HMV magazine did mention that it is set to contain some acoustic NIN tracks.
This ties loosely to more information from Nils about the German release. A reliable source has mentioned that the live CD is due out December 10, though there's still a question as to what the special bonus disk will contain over there as well.
Tying this all together to close this update, the European DVD release date has been confirmed for January 21st, coinciding with Commy's mention that the DVD in Japan has been delayed until January 2002 as well.
Lots of neat stuff coming up! Stay tuned :)
Monday, 10/29/01

Update: Live release pushed back

We've got some new information about the NIN Live releases for you, sent in over the weekend (I'll update with appropriate credit when I get home from work). According to, Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been has been pushed back to a January 22nd release. and have not been changed to reflect this new date, but we also have the always-reliable word from Nils at naegel mit koepfen that the European release date has been rescheduled for January 21st. On top of that, the video portion of the release in Europe is available only on DVD - no VHS is planned for release overseas. As always, check back with us for more information, as we get it.
Sunday, 10/28/01

NIN Puzzle at

Looking for something to do until And All That Could Have Been hits the street? has put together a dandy puzzle you can put back together! Eh, the puzzle will probably take about 2 minutes to complete, but it's NIN related and waiting for new releases can be grueling. =)
Thanks Jennifer
Friday, 10/26/01

Pre-Order And All That Could Have Been at has just recently added Nine Inch Nail's "And All That Could Have Been" live DVD for pre-order. Priced at $27.73, the DVD is slated for a December 4th release. The CD is priced at $28.47 and the VHS can be found for $16.99. Pre-order yours today!
Friday, 10/19/01

Clouser remix due soon

Morpheus Techno_Pagan wrote in that Stellar* drummer/programmer Andrew Maclaren has confirmed Charlie Clouser will finish the remix of All It Takes by this weekend. The remix should come out on Stellar*'s upcoming single Taken which is due to be released in November. More CC info can be found at TRF.
Tuesday, 10/16/01

Closure to "Closure"

Andrew has informed us that sent word that the Closure DVD has been cancelled. So whether it's delayed or never to be released -no biggie, we're all waiting for the Official NIN release of And All That Could Have Been Fragility DVD!!


Ash wrote in with info received from Borders that Spin Magazine will be offering the NIN remix of N.E.R.D's Lapdance (high speed/winmedia download) on a Spin This compilation cd. While the track listing is not currently final and the Borders site does not mention the NIN remix perhaps fans should keep and eye out to see what develops. According to this promo sheet the CD is due out November 20th, but the link to above states that it has been pushed back to December 4th, coinciding with the US release of Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been.

Alice score released

The score for American McGee's video game Alice was released October 16. The original music was composed, arranged and produced by Chris Vrenna. Vrenna is best known by his past work for NIN, but also can be found as a producer and remixer for such artists as The Smashing Pumpkins, Vast, Rasputina and Rob Zombie. His latest project, Tweaker, debuted its album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain last month.
Thanks to Deadpool5
Monday, 10/15/01

NIN Live DVD/VHS/CD European Release Date

Interesting news from Nils Naegel mit Koepfen! Motor Music, the German label that licenses Nine Inch Nails' releases over there, has informed Nils that all three formats of Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been is slated for a December 3rd release in Germany. This is the first Euro release date we've gotten for the new release, and could very well mean that AATCHB is getting a full release in Europe. When Closure was released in 1997, it did not get a European release at that time, and many worried about if this would get similar treatment. This should satisfy that question :)
Thursday, 10/11/01

The Fragile translated into Russian

I got an email from Quasar, one of the good folks at Perfect Isolation, about a really good Russian translation of The Fragile that he is hosting on his site, The Great Below. How's that for a run-on sentence? Anyhow, the translation was produced by Reptile from St. Petersburg. Pretty cool stuff still taking preorders of Closure

Since everyone in #nin99 was bugging me to update, and since Theo was nice enough to send in a link, here it is: is still taking preorders of Closure. What is significant is that this page shows a higher resolution scan of the DVD cover. Anal retentive NIN fans will notice that the logo and the font are botched. This is probably one of many of the reasons the DVD was delayed. Save up your money folks, the new video is going to be a lot cooler.
Wednesday, 10/10/01

TTA update

Telefon Tel Aviv and Joshua Eustis are featured on two brand new Hefty titles that were just released this week. Telefon Tel Aviv contributes one track for the "Immediate Action" CD and a Joshua Eustis remix is featured on the Slicker "Frustrache" EP. Joshua's contribution to the Slicker EP is one of Hefty's most standout tracks to date. "Immediate Action" is a twenty-two track 2xCD which compiles tracks from last year's limited edition 12" series. Telefon Tel Aviv's contribution was originally featured on the 6th
installment of the 12" series. These titles are available at the official store.
Tuesday, 10/09/01


-On SonicNet there is mention that an untitled Aaron Lewis track on the upcoming DJ Lethal solo album will feature guitar work by NIN bassist Danny Lohner.
-In other news: Visit the official DHS site for tour dates in the southeast.
-Get involved! Go to the official Tweaker site chat forum and find out about street teams and how to sign up for their e-card! Tweaker is a new project of former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna. If you haven't picked up a copy of the album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain- do it now!
Wednesday, 10/03/01

Role of the Mac

In this article, the role of the Mac is discussed in the production of the highly anticipated DVD, which is set for release on December 4th. Stay tuned to for more details. Here's an excerpt from the article:
Nine Inch Nails noted that the film was shot entirely on Mini DV format and edited exclusively on Macs using Apple's Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro software. All of the audio was edited and assembled on a Mac with Digidesign's Pro Tools software.
Many thanks to Drew, webmaster of Sick Among the Pure.
Tuesday, 10/02/01

Thanks! Dotmusic People's Choice Awards

The UK online music magazine,, announced their 200-site shortlist of nominees for the Dot Music People's Choice awards. These pages were listed in order of how many votes they received. Many thanks to all our viewers, we made #41 (just below Jimi Hendrix, just above Mariah Carey). Congrads to Painful Convictions, SeemsLikeSalvation, and for their great sites also making it into the top hundred of the list!

October Issue of Sick Among the Pure

The latest issue of Sick Among the Pure magazine is on the net, and this issue is a must read. Editor in Chief, Amy Carr, gives an amazing description of the horrific events in New York last month from a first hand perspective. The issue also contains a great analysis discussion between a reader submission and The NIN Hotline's own Leviathant, heaps of tabs for We're In This Together, and a lot more.
Monday, 10/01/01

At long last... the DVD!

The official NIN site has been updated with a release date of December 4th and detailed information pertaining to And All That Could Have Been. The project is comprised of audio and visual segments collected during the Fragility tour in 2000. It will include live performances, stills, and commentary. You'll want to visit the site to view a trailer of this long anticipated release. The site also indicated the material will be available in cd, vhs, and dvd format. More details can be found in the current section, including a brief mention of a bonus disc with deconstructed and new material.
Thanks to Heath and Anthony for this great news!