Tuesday October 30, 2001

Japan DVD update, Euro & Japan CD info

Though the DVD has been pushed back due to manufacturing delays beyond anyone's control, we're still getting a lot of interesting mail as the release approaches.

First order of news, coming Commy of The Perfect Drug, courtesy her readers who sent this in (thanks a bunch to Eridiru, Kajimoto, and Nakko!) In Japan, the CD for And All That Could Have Been is slated for a December 19th release. It is set to have an extra disk, just as the US release is, though there's no specific details as to what is on that disc. All we know is the Japanese HMV magazine did mention that it is set to contain some acoustic NIN tracks.

This ties loosely to more information from Nils about the German release. A reliable source has mentioned that the live CD is due out December 10, though there's still a question as to what the special bonus disk will contain over there as well.

Tying this all together to close this update, the European DVD release date has been confirmed for January 21st, coinciding with Commy's mention that the DVD in Japan has been delayed until January 2002 as well.

Lots of neat stuff coming up! Stay tuned :)