Welcome to the NIN Historian's Live Memorabilia Archive.

Initially with this project I was just attempting to preserve information regarding Nine Inch Nails in a live setting, as well as outline all tour dates of the past. I am still attempting to do that by collecting Tour Passes, Itineraries, Show Posters, Handbills and other memorabilia for solid proof. Over the life of the project I have noticed that this has really morphed into something much larger than just documenting dates.

I have been very fortunate, over time, to be able to speak with a lot of former crew members and other people who have had close ties to the band on the road. Most of these people are the ones who are busting their asses 12 hours before NIN takes the stage. Their perspective and insight has really opened my eyes and allowed me to give a glimpse into life on the road and to let everyone see a more full picture. The enthusiasm that people have from their time spent with the band and their willingness to share is something I could not have envisioned when I started this project. But it has been overwhelming and I owe a big debt of gratitude to many individuals for that!

That does lead me to knowing that I have accomplished my goal of wanting this site to be for ALL fans, a place that people can come to and contribute their stories, experiences and accounts. There are too many webmasters who think they have made something that is "so great" that they don't  have to interact with anyone else. I have faced this situation too many times to count, and want people to know that I am approachable. You will receive a reply to an email, you took the time to sit down and write to me, I in turn will return that courtesy.

If there is anything you have that you don't see on these pages as far as information, or memorabilia please email me. If you have Ticket Stubs, Passes, Show Posters, Press Lists, Pass List Sheets, Tour Riders, Backstage Signs, Tour Itineraries or anything else interesting to sell... I would be interested in obtaining them, and will pay very fair prices to do so. A More Specific List can be found on the "Wanted Memorabilia" Link on any of the main page sections.

I have been overwhelmed at the response by everyone who has emailed me to voice their praise and appreciation. I am glad to have finally made my mark on the NINternet and garnished such a response that it has been a welcomed and worthwhile endeavor. I feel that the NINternet has been on a slow decline over the years and I have seen some great sites come and go. I hope to become a longstanding part of a great tradition.

As Far as myself; I have been a NIN fan since 1992 and hail from NY originally, but now reside in Indianapolis, IN. To me, music in a live setting either solidifies talent or shows how overproduced an artist is in the studio. It is the raw truth that cannot be hidden!