Monday February 26, 2001

Charlie Clouser snags some new gear

After the Theremin (used during the "Fragility" tour), Charlie Clouser presents another "weird toy" of his collection. It's called the "Incantor" and Charlie describes it as follows:

"That weird device is a 'circuit-bent' instrument that started life as a Texas Instruments Speak & Math machine. It was a kind of talking math tutor for kids that spoke in a very Kraftwerk-like electronic voice. It has been bashed/modified/tortured by Dave Wright, an electronic musician/artist from San Francisco. He added switches, knobs, etc. that freak out the thing's internal circuitry, causing it to spit out weird blips, scrapes, and distorted destroyed fragments of synthetic speech sounds. Truly a fantastic and very cyber-punk device. I've always wanted one (...) It sounds truly warped and wonderful. See carrionsound.com for audio examples of his work. Don't miss the picture of his modified Pikachu doll!! It's a winner."

Check TRF "News" or "Equipment" pages for the picture of the Incantor and for further info about Charlie's studio/live gear.

Source: Morpheus TechnoPagan