Friday February 23, 2001

Charlie Clouser/Page Hamilton Update

Earlier today, Charlie posted a message on TRF discussion forum to keep his fans informed about his current projects:

Presently, Charlie and Page Hamilton (ex-Helmet) are working on finishing demo versions of five songs they co-wrote during the NOLA studio sessions. These tracks are destined for Page's upcoming album. Charlie will also do mixes of three other songs recorded in NYC by Page and his new band.

Page is also involved in Tapeworm...

Else, Charlie just finished a remix of Deltron 3030's "Positive Contact" (on CeLLDiViSioN/75ark Records -same label as SplatterCell- but no info on when/how the remix will be released). The song is a straight-up rap track which is "a bit of a new direction" for Charlie. The Deltron 3030 remix has a heavy Prodigy/Daft Punk influence.

In March, Charlie will also work on a remix of a new Foetus track called "Quick Fix". He describes Foetus' new album as "very harsh and cool"; Jim Thirlwell asked Charlie to "destroy the track utterly, so it should be fun and chaotic like the Starfuckers remix".

Source: Morpheus TechnoPagan